Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010: A Look Ahead

I spent a lot of time this week looking back, but today I think I'll look forward. 2010 is here, and before I know it it'll be gone. This is going to be one of those years that is going to fly.

I could choose to approach this year with trepidation, a pit in my stomach, fear, or even dread. Or I could choose to approach the year with gratitude and anticipation. I'm choosing the latter because, even though it's going to be busy, it's going to be GREAT.

This fall our Bible study looked at the book of James, and we talked about how we should not take for granted that we will have a tomorrow. Instead, we should say, "if the Lord wills" we will do this or that.

Believe me, I do not presume I will have a tomorrow. I learned that lesson a long time ago. But as I enter 2010 I do so knowing that each day is a gift from God. Whatever He brings my way, whatever may change, I will continue to hold His hand through it all.

So, knowing that all of this could change in an instant, I thought I'd share what our 2010 looks like right now. It could be fun, on December 31, 2010, to see how things actually shook out.

Won't you walk it with me?

We're starting the year out with a bang, adding two "daughters" to our brood. We'll have two girls from Costa Rica staying with us for three weeks. I guess that's one way to make the winter go faster.

Our church's Women's Retreat will be this month, and I'll be doing a little breakout session on, what else? Blogging. Hopefully by this point next year we'll have a whole lot of new bloggy friends.

I'll be speaking at a one-day women's retreat at a nearby church. I'm really looking forward to what God is going to do with this.

Abby will be turning 16 this month and you know what that means . . . a trip. Stay tuned. . . .

The end of the school year brings all sorts of busyness to our home.

Graduation! Our first high school graduation will take place in the early part of the month. Just a few days later, Abby will be heading to camp . . . for the entire summer. *sniff*

This will probably be the biggest month of our year. B and I, my sisters and their husbands, and my parents are taking a huge trip to the birthplace of golf. That's right--we'll be attending the British Open in St. Andrews. So nice of them to throw such a huge party to celebrate 25 years of marriage for us (and my sister and her husband) and 50 years for my parents.

Another big month as we send Kate off to college. So she's only going about 8 blocks away (I'll write more on that next week), but it's still a huge milestone for all of us. Family dynamics will be changing.

Ahhhhhh. Can you hear my sigh of relief? Kids will be safely tucked away in school, where they belong.

Homecoming. B and I will celebrate our 25th class reunion. And wondering who all those old people are.

Can you believe we have no plans for November yet? Better get on that.

It's my turn to host Christmas. Need I say more? I'm already excited!

So there you go. A look ahead into 2010 at the Wild house.

Tell me, what do you have planned? What are you looking forward to?

*Photo credit: Francesco Marino



  1. I guess I best get on it. I rarely know what I'm doing tomorrow, much less the whole upcoming year. Sounds like you have a busy year ahead.

  2. Wow! What a year ahead! I'm looking forward, surviving? :-)

    Happy New Year, friend! May you see the Lord's faithfulness in ways yet unimagined!

  3. Lisa L. - I'm usually like you. I mainly posted all this because it's so weird that I actually know what's going to happen just about every month.

    Thanks, Lisa. I know I will see His faithfulness every day. What a nice sentiment. And I know you'll survive just fine. :)

  4. Shelly, sounds like a wonderful year! We did the graduation thing last year and it is all-consuming. I'm envious of your trip with parents and sister and brother-in-law. How exciting. I hope all your dreams come true and you have a splendid year!

  5. I love that you have the year mapped out. I can get up to May. After May, everything will change and I have no idea what it will look like, but I am so excited.

  6. Nice post & nice blog. I love both.