Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Darn that Groundhog!

This is the time of year that tries men's (and women's) souls. Everyone I talk to these days is frazzled and futzy about the weather. It has been a long winter.

But I know that there are two things that one should never complain about: your health or the weather. And so, I've made it a personal goal to not complain this winter.

For the most part it's worked. Until this week.

We got blasted with another snow storm yesterday and I think it's just about all some people around here can handle. Even my kids are getting a little sick of it all.

But rather than bemoan the fact that we're knee deep in the white stuff . . . again . . . I thought I'd try a different tactic. I'd try to see the beauty in it.

So I grabbed the dog . . .

. . . and my camera, and I took some pictures while we walked.

And we found beauty all around us.

(Especially beautiful to me was what an unidentified neighbor did while I was out. Thanks, neighbor!)

[Edited to add: I totally forgot to tell you that today I'm linking up at Emily's. Hop on over there to read some more inspirational posts.]



  1. Count me as someone who enjoys the winter beauty each time it shows up! I especially love the berry photo, by the way.

    There is something absolutely magical about how snow transforms the landscape. There is nothing exactly like it.

    I will admit, though, that my back is killing me today. That snow was heavy!!

  2. Yes, it sure was heavy, Jennifer. What little shoveling I did was hard!

  3. Good for you, Shelly! That snow sure is beautiful...my favorite shot was the one of the red berries. And I loved the one with the brick and the Class of '39 was it? And just think: at the end of July, we'll all be wishing for snow again. Funny how that all works, isn't it?

    I'm so glad you joined in today!

  4. I was moaning this weekend about how ugly it was outside - gray, dirty snow, yuck. Then the snow came - and it made it all beautiful again.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love the second to last one (with the tree)... gorgeous. I'm with you this year- trying not to complain about things and to have a positive attitude about everything. We haven't been hit with much snow this year, even though CO is supposed to be a snowy state, but there's always something else to complain about- so I'm working every day to see the beauty. Thanks for sharing your walk with us! (and yeay for neighbors who shovel!)

  6. Love the photo of the tree with the berries. Your enthusiasm and optimism is contagious! It's snowing here, too...

  7. Believe it or not that's what College Station looks like right now too!!

  8. Kira! That's amazing! I didn't know you had snow today!

    Hey Alexis--thanks for stopping by!

  9. The snow and the pics are beautiful. If I just didn't have to get out in the stinkin' stuff to do my chores every day I might even like the stuff. This Ozarks chick is singin' to the tune of 'Oh when will it ever end!!!

    God bless ya'll and have a wonderful day!!!

  10. This is so true. Even though I love winter very dearly, I'm sick of it, and I want spring to come. But we SHOULD step back and try to see the beauty in it!

  11. I have really enjoyed my catch-up reading.I could comment on every post but I'll say this...I'm embarrassed that those of us in FLorida are even whining that we've had enough winter. No more. I will rejoice. Spring will come. (No snow but we were in the 20's again most of this week. Cold) I love blankets. : )
    And on the Valentine's day post - thanks for your honesty. Most of our squabbles are over such inconseqential things. And sometimes they escalate into something bigger than a squabble. Ugh. 31 years and it still happens. ; ) Making up is very good though.