Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Reads

If you've hung around here for even a little while, you know how I love to travel. So, for this travelin' gal, this weekend will be a thrill. And a half. I'm heading downstate to a couple of really fine institutions of higher learning as a chaperone for an orchestra trip.

And if that isn't thrilling enough, we also get to ride on school buses. Last year I chaperoned this same trip--on coach buses. It seems the economy has really taken its toll on our school district (well now, there's an understatement!) and we must now cart two orchestras--both kids and their instruments--on buses of the yellow variety.

Even if the mode of transportation isn't my favorite (note to self--stop at Walgreens for Dramamine), the trip should be fun. Believe it or not, it thrills me to see how well those high school kids play. They are amazing, and it's fun for them to be able to play on some bigger stages than they do at their school.

So I'll be offline for a while this weekend (probably a good thing for me to be every now and then), catching up on some reading. Definitely not sleeping.

And now, for your weekend reading enjoyment . . .

This post by Antique Mommy made me think of my grandpa. I miss those days sometimes.

Not your typical birth story post here. You'll need a lot of time. And a lot of Kleenex. But the brutal honesty in this post is well worth the read.

This one is for bloggers who fall into the stats trap on occasion, myself included. It made me feel so much better about my few followers--our happy little band--and made me realize that my instincts are right: the quality of my writing is what I should be most concerned about, not the number of people who visit (although I will happily welcome any and all new readers at any time. I may even invite you over for dinner!).

O.K., now do tell . . . are you doing anything more thrilling than chaperoning an orchestra trip this weekend?



  1. Oh, Shell, that story about Nella. Oh, my.

    I love it when I can read people's hearts that are honest, real, broken, and yet somehow they are walking through it with their heads held high.

    What a beautiful story.

  2. This is ketchup weekend for me! Catching up on housecleaning, thank you notes, grocery shopping, etc. Enjoy your trip!

  3. We will be at Where's Waldo at church tonight, followed by Upward game tomorrow. Your hubby is always a good referee, by the way! Not too much happening, but enjoying a day off school today and some rest!

  4. I loved the school trips too. Nothing quite like being immersed in the world of teenagers! Enjoy!

  5. Hi all! I'm back! So good to hear from you--thanks!

  6. My exciting weekend is full of church functions and taking our daughter back to Drake tomorrow...long day...althought not in a yellow bus:-)