Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Woe to the person who tries to buy these tickets

When the mail arrived yesterday I was so excited to see a large-ish envelope from the R&A. Anyone who knows anything about golf probably knows that the R&A stands for Royal & Ancient--in other words, the birthplace of golf.

I had been waiting for this envelope for a few weeks now,and I was so excited to see it in the stack of otherwise junk and bills and sale papers.

Except for one thing. This is what my envelope came in . . .

And this is what my envelope looked like . . .

My envelope contained two pieces of paper. One was a letter telling me that the tickets I had ordered were enclosed. The other was a lot of very small print that basically said that the R&A was not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

What the envelope did NOT contain was tickets. About 14 tickets for a really important event that B and I, along with my parents, sisters, and brothers-in-law, will be attending next summer. Our anniversary trip that we have been looking forward to for, oh, about 25 years.

I immediately got into the car and headed to the post office where I met with a supervisor who basically said, "Well . . . um . . . ah . . . oh boy . . . gee . . ." You get the picture.

I think his lack of speaking skills may have something to do with why he's a supervisor at the post office, but who am I to judge?

I called my parents to tell them what had happened. They're doing whatever they can on their end, but they didn't get many answers either.

Then I talked to my kids. They're always so helpful and full of answers. Kate immediately said, "Mom, someone stole them out of the envelope," and I came back with, "Yeah, but that would be stupid because they'd have to go to SCOTLAND to use them!" to which she looked at me sideways like I was some kind of postal worker or something and said, "Mom. EBay."

Oh yeah.

Finally, in desperation, I sent an email to the R&A. Basically it said:

Dear Kindly British Sir or Madam:

I am desperate for your help. My parents and I are planning a trip to your event next summer, and I was thrilled to receive your envelope today, but the envelope was ripped and the tickets were not in it and I need your help. Please, please, please help me.

Oh, and did I mention that this trip was supposed to be for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary? You wouldn't want to let them down now, would you?

I am counting on your sense of fairness and trust to send me another set of tickets or else my entire 2010 will be a complete bust. Over before it even begins.


Very sincerely and grovelly yours,


So what do you think? Think it'll work? Think I'll even hear from them? I'm sure praying that it will be so. I'll let you know.

**Update** Just this afternoon I got an email from the R&A saying this: "Do not worry about the tickets as these can all be cancelled as they have barcodes on them. Therefore if anyone turns up at the paygates with them they will be denied access." Isn't that so nice? I'm so relieved.



  1. Oh, Shelly, I am so sorry! I think your letter could work. Yes, let's pray that it does! God cares about even the small and big details of our lives and can handle this for you! Can't wait to hear what happens!

  2. You should try looking for the tickets on ebay. If you can find the whole set you may be able to report them for fraudulent use, shut down the auction, and get your tickets back. How terrible!

  3. Thanks for the prayers, Carolyn.

    And Melissa, thanks for the good advice--I think I'll do that. Thanks for visiting!!

  4. Wow, Shelly. Nothing like a little drama to add to the family celebration trip. Sounds like St. Andrews has everything under control.

  5. Oh, I hope you get those tickets. That sounds like an amazing trip :)

  6. Hey Becky!! You did it! You left a comment! Way to go, friend. :)

    Beth, it is going to be pretty amazing. I'm sure I'll be writing all about it. :)

  7. OH, Shelly!!!! But it does sound like everything is going to be all right, RIGHT? Perhaps they should just do e-tickets, like the airlines do. Let us know how everything turns out.

  8. You have such an exciting life!

  9. What a relief that they can cancel those tickets, and I assume issue you new ones! Thank goodness!
    I just started following your blog recently, after someone else I read (can't remember who) posted a link to your intentional parenting series. I liked the rest of you blog as well, so I stuck around!

  10. Oh wow! talk about relief. I was sick along with you when I saw that ripped envelope. So glad they can cancel them.

    And thanks for your sweet words on my blog :)

  11. That was a nail-biter! I hope it's all resolved now. Who'd have thunk it?

  12. I went postal last week too. Maybe I'll revive my Squall Line posts tomorrow and tell the story. Or not. And they have a vacation today since they earned it. Seriously????
    Mercy, let's change the subject. ; )

  13. My P90X DVD's arrived (or didn't arrive) in the same fashion. The place who shipped them never returned my e-mails and left no phone number.

    Fortunately, has a policy that refunds in such circumstances. Too bad you didn't order your tickets from Amazon.

    Hope this works out for you,