Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Favorites

Welcome to the first edition of Friday Favorites hosted by The Other Mama. Hilary wrote to me to say that she wanted to run this blog carnival every week for a while. She's leaving it kind of open-ended, so you can post about anything you want, pretty much, as long as it's a favorite.

In an effort to keep things positive (and, believe me, it feels like a Herculean effort this week), I'm posting some of my favorite finds from around the blog world this week.

For some reason, they all seem to have something to do with parenting. Hmmmmm.

Favorite quote
This comes from Kay, a mom who's in a similar stage of life as me, who wrote a great post about her son. Toward the end of her post she says this (which I needed to hear this week too):

"Young parents [and you old ones too], hang in there. Keep doing what you're doing. It matters. Your child is not a greedy vacuum for your time and energy and money. He or she is a worthy, God-sent investment."

Favorite devotional
I get the Encouragement for Today devotionals in my email every morning, and yesterday's post was just what I needed to read. Didn't hurt that it was written by Lysa, another favorite of mine.

Favorite post
As much as I talk about being intentional with my kids, this post, written by Amy Beth (who doesn't even have children of her own yet), says so much better what I'm trying to say with my series. Please read it. It's beautiful.

Favorite New Blog
I had lunch this week with my friend, Ellen, who is an accomplished author and musician and now, a blogger. Ellen wanted to pick my brain about blogging since she's brand new to this little corner of the cyber world. Go visit her (and leave a comment while you're there!)--I know it would be a huge encouragement to her.

So those are some of my favorites for this week. I think Hilary's Friday Favorites is going to be lots of fun. Head on over there to join in and to read more favorites.



  1. Shelly- I gave you an award over at my blog :) Happy Friday!

  2. I joined in the fun. I'm so happy to meet Hilary.

  3. Nicr to meet you! I agree, life w/ little folks is an adventure worth the journey:)

  4. I needed that encouragement that this diaper-changing, mess- cleaning, nose-wiping time in my life is an investment in something.
    Can't wait to check out your links. :)

  5. Beth, you are just too sweet--I'm thrilled!

    Beverly, glad you joined in!

    Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. I'll go check you out when I have a minute.

    Thanks for putting this together, Hilary!

  6. Shelly,

    I've told you before that I enjoy your blog - lots! - and I'm here to say it again.

    Hmmmm . . . since I'm new to blogging, I'm sitting back and observing 'Friday Favorites' to see how this whole thing works. Fascinating.

    It was kind of you to refer your readers over to my new blogging venture. Thanks for your patience with all my questions about bloggy stuff - I know I'll be asking more in the days to come.

    Gratefully, Ellen

  7. As a parent for whom the end of childhood is in sight, I can wholeheartedly assure you all that yes. It is worth the investment. Worth every tear, every howl of frustration (yours, not the kids!) every Dr. appointment, every orthodontist bill. You look up one day and realize, "Hey! Look what we did! We created a beautiful, wonderful adult!"

    Oh, and by 'we', I mean my husband, myself, and the
    Lord. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing! It looks like I have some more blog reading to do!

  9. I'm sorry to hear that your week has been rough, Shelly. I hope you have a restful, refreshing weekend - even if it's a busy one!

  10. I love that quote. It's so easy to feel like your children are little Hoovers and Dysons. Especially when they do things that demonstrate they have not one lick of common sense in them. (Ahem, not that they get that from their mother...) I am praying that I laugh at the appropriate times and teach them about how to think first before they act. I guess Jesus is still working on that with me too!!! ;)

  11. Shelly,

    Thank you so much for linking to the post. That's so kind of you!

    amy beth