Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put a Human Name on it and We All (well, most of us anyway) Feel Sorry

See that face? That face that we all love so much?

(O.K. . . . In the interest of full disclosure, there may be one member of this family who doesn't love that face so much.)

The one who loves to stick her head out the window when she's riding in the car?

The one who lies around like a slug but then pops up like a Jack-in-the-Box the minute you use the word "w-a-l-k"? (I couldn't even bear to say it out loud on the blog for fear she would hear me.)

Seriously. We've had to come up with all sorts of code words for the "w" word in our house. Our favorite is "klaw" which is "walk" spelled backwards. For some reason, she has never been able to figure out what "klaw" means, but the minute we say "want to go for a . . ." she springs into action, dancing and jumping her way around the house.

Needless to say, we don't use the "w" word much.

This dog takes a fair amount of grief from our family. Like I said, one member would not lose sleep if she expired today. Others like to torment her by chasing her around the kitchen island. Others like to make her wait over her food dish when it's full of food until she's given the O.K. (Labs are so great at that--they won't move until you tell them to eat, even though they act like they haven't eaten all day.)

Anyway, even though we like to give her grief, we're all feeling a little bad for the Wonder Dog this week. I told you a while back that she had "issues." This week those issues got a name--epilepsy.

Who knew that a dog could have a human condition? But she does.

On Sunday she started having seizures around 3:00 p.m. that lasted until roughly 5:00 p.m. B thinks she may have had as many as four seizures during that time. Four seizures is not good.

So I took her to the vet yesterday who told me that it's finally time to put her on some medication. Apparently seizures cause her body temperature to go up, and if her fever got too high she could experience some brain damage. Can't have that now, can we?

So Thunder the epileptic Wonder Dog is now taking a daily dose of medication to help reduce the seizures. It's supposed to also make her a little less . . . active . . . so actually, that could be a good thing.

Maybe we'll even begin to start using the "w" word out loud one of these days.



  1. Poor Thunder! But hey, it's good for some extra loving so it's all good, right?

    My dog goes crazy when we say "do you want to go for a ride?".

  2. I'm so sorry! That's awful. I will pray for dear ole Thunder:).

  3. Awww - poor Thunder. Hope her new meds make her feel better.

    Our 'girls' don't let me get past the word 'Do....? before they head to the door.