Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Few More England Photos

O.K., I have probably about five minutes before my computer crashes again, so I thought I'd sneak on here and show you a few more pictures from my recent trip.

This is one place I always make sure I visit if I'm in London on a weekend. And if you ever find yourself in London on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, you must--MUST--head to Borough Market. Just because I love it there so much.

I mean, really, where else can you get the world's best cheese? I tasted this Stichelton (which is really just Stilton) and . . . oh my. Mmmmmmm.

This is the Royal Albert Hall. Every Good Friday for the past 132 years, the Royal Philharmonic and the Royal Choral Society have performed Handel's "Messiah" and this year I got to be a part of this rich tradition. The audience part. But, still, it was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen.

As we were waiting to enter the RAH, I turned around and this is what I saw . . . the Albert Memorial. Amazing. Queen Victoria built this as a tribute to her great love, Prince Albert, after his death. Makes me wonder what B is planning for me!

One thing I love about England is their signs. They just don't mince words over there.

I'm thinking this sign might be good to post in my parents' Arizona community. (Just kidding, Mom and Dad!)

And this one I just loved. I might need one for my own yard.

Here's me, smiling like a silly person, in front of one of my favorite touristy spots in London--the Tower of London. My imagination just seems to take off here as I hear stories about beheadings and attempted coups that took place right here on these very grounds.

And one more. . . . Isn't this just so pretty? This is NOT London Bridge, although many people think it is. London Bridge is a fairly non-descript bridge spanning the Thames; it looks pretty much like any bridge we have in Chicago. No, this is Tower Bridge.

I have so many more pictures and so many memories to share, but we'll have to have a cup of tea together if you want to see them all. Suffice it to say that this was a special trip with a special girl, and our memories will always be special to me.

I am . . .




  1. Welcome home, again! Just got back from a weekend away with the boys and checked in to see if you've posted pics. Gorgeous photos!!! Can't wait to see them all...and to enjoy a "cuppa"!

  2. I love seeing your pics and hearing things you did. I actually lived in England the first half of our freshman high school year...I hated it! Of course, I was only 14. I would love to go back and look and experience it with different eyes!

  3. Thanks, Julie. I would love to share a "cuppa" with you too. Let's do that soon!

    Mitzi, I think it would be great to go back and see it now. You may have a different view . . . but then again, you may not. I see England through a lens of literature, history, religion, and for that reason I find it a fascinating place. You probably just saw it as a place that took you away from your friends. Interesting to think about, huh?