Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Hello

Hello, my friends!

I have more England pictures to share with you. . . . I had a post all composed in my head about the Master's golf tournament last weekend. . . . I want to tell you about what I'm doing this weekend. . . .

So many posts, so little . . .

. . . computer.

I have tried three times to turn on my computer this afternoon and three times I have gotten the black screen of death (as it is called around here). We have dealt with the black screen of death before, and we haven't had a pleasant outcome.

SO, it may be a few days before the black screen of death situation is resolved. Please hang in there with me. Please come back on Monday because I have a fun giveaway to announce (which may or may not have something to do with a little birthday celebration) and . . . FINALLY . . . an "Intentional Parenting" post.

I am on the kids' computer right now, sneaking a few minutes here before they catch me and kick me off. I just miss you all and wanted to say hello.

Why don't you say hello in the comments section and let me know what you're doing this weekend. If I can tie up the children for a few minutes, I may be able to read your comments.

See you on Monday . . . I hope.



  1. What I'm doing this weekend . . . Well, Saturday morning my husband and I are driving two and a half hours to buy a tractor :). We will haul it back home on a trailer. It is a used tractor, but new to us. My husband farms full-time and we don't have a tractor with a cab, so when it's cold, he's cold and when it's hot, he's miserable. So, Saturday we are bringing home a tractor with a cab -- and that means a heater and air conditioning :)! I'm guessing I'm the only comment you will get that has anything to do with a tractor :0! I enjoy your blog!

  2. Ah ha, "Down on the Farm"! I remember our first tractor with a cab. Surely, Shelly's Dad appreciated it, but I LOVED the fact that his clothes stayed so much cleaner and were easier to wash! You will notice such a difference. Sure hope you went after a John Deere!
    p.s. We started planting yesterday. Best wishes for a fruitful season.

  3. Hey Shelly! We want more! Get that computer fixed or buy some time on your kids' computer. We miss you!

    I'm speaking at a MOPS training event tomorrow, could use some prayer. Other than that, just catching up on housework and church. But I'm expecting a good one.