Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm in Love

We have a joke around here about Joe the Trader. We're in love with him. And my husband knows it.

If you don't have a Trader Joe's where you live, you might just want to click away right now because after you see this you're going to be sad. And if you do have a Trader Joe's, I might just become your new best friend.

Because I am about to give you some classified information. Classified not inasmuch as it's available to everyone, but classified because it comes from me. (I know, that makes no sense. But that's because I'm listening to music while I write and that's just a no-no where I'm concerned. Multi-task-listening is not my forte.)

Anyway, I'm in love with Joe. Joe the Trader. And I don't care who knows. (Most people who know me already know it anyway.)

I have a lot of favorites. You know, things I buy every time I go there that have become staples in our home.

Like coffee. Be still my heart!

And jam. Even though it's the same price as grocery store jam, the quality cannot be beat. I'll never buy Smuckers again.

But recently I was introduced to what I think may become my all-time favorite Trader Joe's purchase. Of all time. Forever and ever amen.

Have you ever had these little puppies?

No? Well, let me introduce you to Trader Joe's frozen chocolate croissants. Hello, precious!

In all my travels I don't think I've ever had a chocolate croissant this good. And, trust me, I have sampled chocolate croissants all over the world.

I've always thought it might be fun to learn how to make croissants because, well, I'm a little crazy that way. But knowing that these are available, I don't think learning to make my own will be necessary.

Because all you have to do is take the little tubes of dough out of the box and place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet overnight. You don't even have to cover them! Just open the box, plop them on the sheet, and go to sleep.

When you get up in the morning, here's what you'll be greeted with.

Poufs of gooey deliciousness. But don't eat them yet. Brush them with an egg wash and pop them in the oven.

After about 25 minutes, you'll be calling yourself Jacques of Francesca or Madelleine because you'll feel like a French baker. At least, that's how I felt this morning when I opened my oven to this.

Now the hard part. You have to wait about 10 minutes before you eat them. I'm not sure why--that's just what the box says. And you know I always follow the rules. Just ask my kids.

Seriously, though, you probably want the chocolate to set just a little bit before you bite into all that gooey deliciousness.

I served these this morning for our last 6th grade girl's Bible study, and to say they were devoured would be an understatement.

Now, if you've read this far and haven't been salivating I'd guess that you don't have any salivary glands. So why are you still sitting here reading? Get on over to TJ's and treat your family to some of the best pastry you will ever taste. Ever. In all the world. Right here, in your own hometown.

You can thank me later.



  1. They look delicious.

    Is Trader Joe's a boutique for food? I've heard people "talk" about it on facebook but never knew if it was a restaurant or a store.

    We middle children ALWAYS follow the rules. It's our curse in life.

  2. Well, I'm the oldest child and I always follow the rules as well! My daughter tells me I'm the only one who waits three minutes after cooking some frozen meal in the microwave! Anyway, I am so going to try these, Shelly. You know I have to drive a ways to get to a TJ's, but love it as well!! I just may have to try that jam as well! Thanks for the new items to put on my list!!

  3. I guess you could call TJs a "boutique" for food, Linda, but really it's just a grocery store that carries unique and/or organic food. It's wonderful because their quality is the best and their prices are usually comparable or less than the "regular" grocery store.

    You probably DO have to go a ways to get to a TJ's, M--like, Geneva? Or is there one closer?

    BTW, girls, the following the rules comment was a JOKE! All throughout England my middle daughter was astounded by my act-now-ask-later attitude. :)

  4. Yes, Geneva and Orland are the two where I shop. My sister lives in Batavia, so I do usually go to the Geneva one the most...but still not as often as I would like:-)

  5. Oh, I'm going to get some of those TODAY!! I've actually TRIED making these a couple of times. They were ummm, not tasty. Even a little. Thanks for the tip - I'm so excited!