Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hockey, Anyone?

I promise, this will be the last time I mention hockey for, oh, about three months.

But did you happen to hear who won the Stanley Cup last week?

I know, I know, it's kind of obnoxious to rub it in the face of my friends from Philly (of whom I may have one or two), but if you've ever lived in Chicago you would understand that we don't win much around here. I mean, the Cubs have been waiting for something like 100 years for a World Series win, so come on, you've got to let us have our day of celebration.

They just don't come around very often in these parts.

So, on Friday, celebrate we did. With two million of our closest friends.

We took the train into the city for the festivities, leaving home around 7 a.m. Hey, after investing all that time watching about 80 games this year, we felt we should be there.

This was what we saw as soon as we left the station.

Two of my favorite hockey fans.

Maggie is the one on the left. Have I mentioned that she's a HUGE Blackhawks fan? She is. She even got to sit in the Blackhawks management box on her birthday this year.

HUGE, I'm telling you!

Then there were these knuckleheads hanging off a balcony waaaaay up high.

Me and my favorite fan. Doesn't she look happy?

After about two hours of waiting in the hot, hot sun, the busses finally rolled by. The players were just a little excited.

(Yes, we were kind of far away, but that's because Maggie and I wanted to stand on the steps of Millennium Park so we could see the busses roll down Washington Street and make the turn up Michigan Avenue.)

There it is! Sorry about the blurry picture, but like I said, we were pretty far away.

After the busses came by, the crowds moved in. Check out this mass of humanity that filled the streets. Every inch of space was taken up--it was CRAZY!!

As I said, the day was hot. Really hot. And humid.

But I ask you, was this necessary? Really? Come on.



  1. Great story, Shel. You caught almost every emotion....So what's wrong with a little celebrating?

  2. We watched the Stanley Cup. Blackhawks are my favorite team.
    Yahoo! Wish I could have been with
    you to see the excitement.

  3. Great to hear from you, Lena! And I love your choice of teams. :)

  4. Congrats! I totally missed the finals this year! How on earth did that happen?! One of the players is from our city so the Stanley Cup will be making a little visit up this way this summer.