Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Will Change You For Sure

If you're anything like me--and I have a feeling you are and that if we met in real life we'd be really good friends--you have probably been touched in some way by autism. If you don't have anyone in your close family with this disorder, you probably know someone who has been affected.

I know a few families who deal with this issue, but until I saw this video I had no idea how hard each and every day must be.

Please, take the time to watch this video. It will change the way you see autistic children.



  1. Wow, Shelly. Thanks for sharing this. My mind is reeling with questions and thoughts. I am so impressed by the persistence of these parents and by the hope Carly maintains in midst of life as she experiences it. I'm curious about the twin sister. I would have loved to hear from the sister; what a tough road this must have been for her too.