Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guess Where (and a giveaway!)

Hi there!

As you can see, there's not too much going on on the old blog this week. Rather than sit in the sweltering heat and humidity that they call a Chicago summer, I'm on another adventure--collecting stories and taking pictures for some new Travel Tuesday posts. I have a feeling after this trip, I'll have weeks upon weeks of TT posts for all of you, and I sure hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

There will also not be a Fabulous Friday Food post for this week, but come back next week for lots of excitement. We may continue that discussion on the "Big Question" that we started last week. We will definitely have some travel news. And some Friday Food.

What else would you like to discuss? Oh, and would you like the FFF posts to include a Mr. Linky so we can share recipes? Let me know in the comments section. You might want to try guessing where in the world I've gone this time (but if you already know, don't tell!).

The best comment or idea for future blog posts (in my opinion) will be chosen to win something from my trip. (But because I'm writing this before I leave I don't know what that is yet.) I'll announce the winner next Monday.

So be creative and have fun discussing amongst yourselves. I can't wait to see what you come up with!



  1. I think you're in Canada. Because it's too hot to go south...

    Right? Does that reasoning make sense?

  2. I know where you are so I won't spill the greens, um, I mean beans! But I will suggest a future post because I'm extremely competitive and always want to win whatever is being offered!

    Since I know you're close to where I am parenting wise, I'd love to see a post on "loosening the strings." Not just about those who are leaving the nest, but even those children who are growing up and need a little less hands on and a little more responsibility, etc. What do you think?

    Pick me, pick me!

  3. I know where you are too... so I can't guess that. But I would love more parenting posts. Or even more posts of the lessons God has taught you in the daily life stuff. I learn so much from your posts on that. And maybe a post on how to become a "follower." Or maybe you can just show me that next time I come over for coffee.

    Have a blast!


  4. Because I know where you are, and with whom you are traveling. . . I suggest a post with your mom's AMAZING brisket recipe.

    Yes, it IS still in my recipe box, but I firmly believe it is post-worthy! :)

  5. Just when I come to Chicago, you leave . . . :). I am having a wonderful visit - getting use to a little warmer weather than Seattle, for sure.

    Safe travels . . . are you in Stratford Upon Avon?


  6. Well possible you are vactioning where we will be in a few weeks. Colorado? Can't wait for some time away. been so busy with life and summer...missed your blog for weeks. Time to catch up!

  7. I know where you are....I'm very jealous! You could do a future post or series on back to school traditions, helping the kids transition into routines again, cherishing the last weeks of summer, etc. Can you tell we're preparing to start 18+ years of school life?

  8. I know where you are so can't play that game. But my suggestion for a blog topic is memories of growing up on a farm in the midwest. I only remember one post on that and it was great.