Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Road Trip, Part 2 -- All this . . . and Jason Castro too!

Ever wonder where you can get Emu oil? (Apparently it's good for arthritis.)

How about an artistic armadillo for your yard?

Or some long horns?

Or any manner of Texas items?

Need a little something for your man cave? (I know someone who does!)

All of this and more . . . so much more . . . can be found in Canton, Texas, the home of the world's oldest and largest flea market. Canton is one of the reasons we got in the car last week and drove 15 hours both ways. Yes, 30 hours in the car for a flea market!

But it was worth it, friends. I'm here to tell you, it was so worth it.

Just look at this pie!

Worth it?! I'll say.

Canton is a treasure trove of flea market finds. Some funky and weird (see the armadillo above), some pure Texas, some just plain tacky. But in the midst of all this funky weirdness, there are treasures to be found and adventures to be had.

I can't count the number of times I've been to Canton, but one particularly memorable trip involved four of my girlfriends, a trailer, and a sale back up here in Illinois. We were young then.

Since I've just remodeled a bathroom, I decided that I needed something from Canton to fill it, so that was my focus. Along the way I got sidetracked . . .

. . . by fake pomegranates in a cool wooden bowl.

. . . by more fake fruit and apothecary jars with little birds on top.

. . . and by more apothecary jars and candles.

But I did find what I was looking for--a cabinet for our "new" bathroom (ignore the fact that I don't have a toilet paper holder yet) . . .

. . . and some pretty glass jars to go in it.

Oh, and I also found a vintage mirror that is going to look perfect over the sink once I paint it black (the mirror, not the sink).

What I didn't find was a hairdresser. That Texas humidity is just like everything else there--BIG! (Nope, no pride left at all, folks.)

Speaking of hair . . . here comes the highlight of my day. Do you know who this is??

Yes, my friends, it's Jason Castro, my all-time favorite American Idol contestant EVER! You can imagine the squeals of excitement when, just as I was deciding whether to buy that mirror pictured above, my niece, Kira, says, "Aunt Shelly, turn around!"

I whipped around to see Jason. Cutie patootie of American Idol fame. Buying a lamp! Jason Castro buys lamps! With his wife (!) no less.

We whispered frantically, debating whether or not I should ask him for a picture, but in the end we decided to leave him to his shopping. After all, shopping is serious stuff at Canton.

And that lamp looks a little heavy for wee Jason (he's so tiny!).

I guess I'll just have to settle for a quickly-taken picture and a close-up of the same.

So there. Canton. I hope you've enjoyed your stroll through one of my favorite fun places. And if you're ever in the Dallas area around the first weekend of the year, you should check it out.

You might just see Jason!



  1. my friend and i were just talking about a trip to Canton! i love flea markets and i am so envious of that mirror! and that black shelf thing!

    got a good laugh at the post below... sorry but i couldn't help it!

  2. Well, you show much more decorum than I would have. I totally would have asked him and asked him for an autograph to boot, for my "niece Susanne" of course! :vD And he's married?! Who knew. LOL.

    And now I have to go repent because I'm totally coveting your apothecary jars with the birds. I heart birds.

  3. 1. I love LOVE the cabinet for your bathroom! What a great find.
    2. That pie! What in the world? I have never ever seen such tall meringue.
    3. I think big, humidity hair is fabulous. That was one of the best things about visiting the Pacific Islands!
    4. The jeans. I just can't figure out how that happened and now I'm paranoid that it could happen to me. Were they really old or something?

  4. Glad you enjoyed my Canton "finds," you guys! Beth, you MUST go if you haven't been there before. It's amazing!

    Susanne, thankfully God forgives when we covet or anything else.

    Linnea, yes, they were very old jeans--about 10 years old--and had gotten "soft" on the bottom. Obviously. :)

  5. Just so you know next time you see Jason ANYWHERE... he loves to talk to his fans and he would not have considered it an invasion. Canton is, after all, wide open. Oh, and his wife would have loved talking to y'all too... They are very neighborly. P.S. I love those apothecary jars, too... :) P.P.S. I'm only anonymous because I can't remember my google password...:P

  6. I love you and your tighty whiteys! I know, wrong post...but I had to just say that first. I also adore flea markets AND the fact that you are easily distracted by fake fruit.

    But I came here to thank you for the sweet comment you left today over at Chatting. For reasons not clearly understood, it made me bust out crying. What??? But anyway, thank you so very much. And it's nice to meetcha.

  7. What a fun trip! I love the jars and the cabinet..can't wait to see the 'new' bathroom!!
    So cool to see Jason Castro.

  8. I need to get me some of that Emu oil. :)