Thursday, August 12, 2010

Because it's hot . . .

. . . and because you could pretty much do this right now:

. . . and because it's this time of year . . .

. . . and because we're having people over for dinner tonight . . .

. . . and because I have ideas for about 10 blog posts, but nothing's coming together . . .

Because of all this and more, there will be no productive posting today. You'll have to check back later to see if my brain came up with anything (hopefully it will) or if I had time to write (probably not).

But definitely DO come back later. 'Cause I love you and I'd be sad if you didn't.



  1. Hi!

    Just stopping by from incourage and wanted to say hello. I have 3 girls, too, makes life interesting and definitely wild. :)

    I'm at


  2. I stopped back but obviously the heat prevailed over creativity. No worries. It won at my house too - dinner at Mac Grill!

  3. Can't believe you actually did this. I've always wanted to try!