Monday, August 30, 2010

Here's My Life

Saw this ad over the weekend and could totally relate to it. (Not that we have a Subaru or anything.)

Just watch it, and you'll understand.

Oh, and by the way, Abby got her license on Friday.



  1. shelly, I'm praying for your daughter right now. Praying God's peace, protection, provision and healing. Praying it for you too sweet sister.

  2. Go, Abby. Keep you on your knees, Shelly. I remember praying a lot the first year our daughters had their liscense. They have turned out to be great drivers. Congrats.


  3. Ah yes, one more similarity between us. My Abby got her license just about a month ago too. And I swear she looked just like that little girl when she drove off that first time. Unfortunately, no Subaru for us or her, just a piece of junk her brother drove around in for a few years and miraculously keeps going. I pray over that car constantly. We've already gone from the "Call when you get there and again before you leave" routine to the "I'll see you when you get home; be safe" one. Still, I listen for sirens every morning until she should be at school and every afternoon when she should be coming home.

    Yes, this is my life too. I've got your back. Hope you have mine too!

  4. sure do have a lot of changes going on, girl. Hang in there. And take good notes so you can teach me when I get there.

    Love you,