Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Thoughts for Tuesday

Today's Facebook status: "Clothes shopping with my girls. Lord, give me strength."

Later in the day my mom emailed to find out how it went, and I told her it's amazing how much better the day goes when one prays about it ahead of time.

I know that sounds trite, but, seriously, I did pray. Shopping is not a fun endeavor for me. It's stressful. Especially when one child is, well, picky and usually ends up crying suffering because of it. (I just hope she stays picky when it comes to choosing a husband!)

In the end, I would say we had a most pleasant day of shopping. Everyone found a couple of things that we had been looking for. And lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe just topped off the day.

Even Mom came home with a little something--a couple of pairs of jeans, which I desperately needed as we move into Fall. It might have been just a little embarrassing, though, when Maggie told the sales lady, "Yeah, that's pretty much all my mom ever wears."


At least she's paying attention!


Our dear former-Governor basically got a slap on the hand today. Blago got convicted of making a false statement to the FBI, which, to me, seems kind of like . . . well . . . a slap on the hand.

I mean, who doesn't do that?

And who doesn't try to sell their available Senate seat to the highest bidder?

Happens every day.


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not, but Kate has been in the wilderness for the past 2 1/2 weeks. She's been canoeing on Lake Superior and hiking through the Porcupine Mountains as a way to get ready for college.

What she hasn't been doing is showering.

So I ask you . . . does that make her ready for college?


Kate comes home tomorrow, except that she really doesn't come home. She gets dropped off on campus nearby and heads to her dorm room, sleeps in her sleeping bag just six blocks from home, and waits with the rest of the new freshmen for her parents to bring all of her stuff over on Thursday. It's so weird to think of her sleeping over there when the rest of us are over here, and not being able to call her or check up on her.

I SO do NOT want to be a helicopter parent. I've decided that even though she will be living just six blocks from home, I need to pretend like she's six hours from home. Or sixteen hours, which is what it would have been if she had gone to her other top choice school.

I'll take six blocks.

And a hug.

On Thursday.


Needless to say, things are getting really busy this week. You'll get a Fabulous Friday Food on Friday (duh!), but probably not much more than that this week.

So enjoy your week and get ready for next week because the munchkins go back to school. Oh my!



  1. This morning I went to church and I prayed for my kids who have their kids starting school. High School, junior high and grade school. Thoughts of our kids starting the school year raced in my head.
    Just love your blogs.
    I can hardly wait to see what Friday brings.

  2. Oh sweet Lena. Thank you!! Thank you!! You'll love Friday, I have a feeling. :)

  3. Yes, I agree, it is definitely best to pretend she is six hours away instead of just six blocks. Resist the temptation sweet mom!

    I'm all over the praying before clothes shopping with the teen girls thing. I've even considered fasting, but breakfast usually wins out. Still, I've definitely prayed before, during and after. And it does make a difference!