Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Honesty. It's So Overrated.

So my friend just told me a story about taking her daughter to the mall in her husband’s new car. Two hours later they came out of the mall, but my friend couldn’t find her keys. She worried that she had locked the keys in her car, but she shouldn’t have worried . . . .

Because when she came out of the mall she found her keys inside the unlocked car.


She might as well have put a sign on the brand new car that said, “TAKE ME!”

Do you think she should have told her husband?

This has been a big topic of conversation around our house . . . not my friend leaving her husband’s brand new car running in the parking lot of a mall for two hours (seriously, it gives me a new sense of hope in humanity, that story) . . . but how much we should tell our spouses.

Here’s why . . .

It was just a lemon drop.

A simple little lemon drop sitting on the tray between the two front seats of my car. There were more, but a few lemon drops had spilled out of the package and B grabbed one. He popped it into his mouth, and I sat silently, watching.

Should I say something? Or should I just let it go?

It was already too late, so I decided to just let it go. The drop was already in his mouth. It wouldn’t kill him, I reasoned.

Two days later, B came into the house. “So, where did the lemon drops go?”

“Oh,” I said, ever-so-casually, “I decided it was time to clean off the tray in the car, so I threw them away.”

“Really?” says he, also-so-casually. “Why would you do that? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that THE DOG LICKED THE LEMON DROPS, would it?”

Busted. I was seriously busted.

Turns out, B was driving Maggie over to school and he had a sudden hankerin’ for a lemon drop, but they were gone. Disposed of, if you will. So he asked Maggie where they went.

Her reply? “Oh, Mom probably threw those out because Thunder licked them.”


“When did Thunder lick them?”

“Oh, a couple of weeks ago when we went to the vet.”

True confessions time. Yes, I took my dog to the vet. Yes, the dog licked the lemon drops. And yes, even worse, I didn’t get them cleaned up for . . . oh . . . a while.

But everyone who usually (Note the use of the word “usually” here. B doesn’t usually drive my car. It was a very unusual week.) rides in my car knew not to touch the lemon drops. I mean, why would you? The dog licked them.

But B didn’t know that. I had every intention of cleaning them up, I just didn’t get around to it before he got in my car and suddenly started craving lemon drops. And popping them into his mouth before I could stop him. Seriously, does a guy have to eat everything in sight?

Such was my quandry at that moment. Do I tell? Or don’t I?

So I ask you . . . when I saw him pop that drop, should I have said something? What would you do?

Oh, and if you left your husband’s car running for two hours in the parking lot of a mall, would you mention it? I know I wouldn’t!



  1. I'd totally mention the lemon drop thing and he'd keep eating them. I'd also mention the car - but that's far more likely to be something he'd do ;-)

  2. In our van, we both know that random food items laying around are totally gross and off limits.

    I wouldn't have told him though...like you said, it won't kill him! :)

  3. Oh, my. The lemon drop would have made me laugh so hard! I would have definitely told him!! The car, though...well, we've had some (AHEM) issues lately over driving. Namely, how he criticizes my driving and makes me CRAZY. So, since that's a driving-related issue and would be my own big mistake, I'm not sure I'd tell him. Although I probably would. I try to err on the side of too much honesty, because (this is going to all sound nuts) I'm good at lying. I know I could get away with a lot of things, so I try to force myself to do the opposite. It IS a little silly sometimes, but it's accountability!

  4. Great answers, girls! You are making me laugh today!

  5. Hah! Funny Shelly. I would for sure tell, especially since he and the dog aren't good friends!! I'd tell about the car, too, cuz he does some really dumb stuff also!

  6. I don't think you needed to say anything - an unwrapped candy in a family van is obviously eat at your own risk - and like you said, it was already too late! Telling him what he just sucked on would only prevent him from enjoying the rest of the candy.

    About the car, I'd mention that, just to keep expectations low... and to instill thankfulness and hope in the goodness of mankind!

  7. I think I would tell him about the lemon drop once I knew he had swallowed it, but leaving the car running might be a secret I kept forever.

  8. This is so interesting--everyone has a different opinion. :)

    Carmen, I love the idea of keeping expectations low. You may be on to something there.

  9. What great stories...I would never tell about the running car but definitely would about the lemon drop....after he ate it!

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  10. Sorry, I can't spell tonight. That would be DaYSpring giveaway.

  11. This reminds me of a time we were having an extended family dinner at a cousin's home. In my salad was a dead fly! Yes, dead fly! I neatly folded the lettuce leaf and tucked it over to the side out of the way. While my mom was talking and such, she looked over at my plate, noticed the uneaten lettuce leaf, grabbed it and threw it in her mouth! It happened so fast that I couldn't say a word! How could I yell, "Spit that out! There's a dead fly in it" without offending the hostess... and she was already munching it by that time. I had to let it go. Did I tell her later... oh, yes, and we (or maybe it was just I) laughed and laughed! :-)

  12. Thank you for the laugh out loud post!

  13. I'd say 'no', however it seems these things always come back around to get me....just like the lemon drop. I would have to fess up.