Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Morning Mayhem

Don't you just love that Allstate commercial that's on right now? That guy who plays Mayhem and drives all over town creating a ruckus? Those commercials just make me laugh. Which is why I chose the word "Mayhem" for my title.

And also because that word pretty much signifies my life right now.

Of course I could have titled this post "Monday Morning Mundane" because one woman's mayhem is another woman's mundane. But who would click on that link and actually want to read it? I'll tell you who . . . NOBODY! Which I why I opted for mayhem over mundane.

And I realized as I was thinking (for all of 10 seconds) about this post that I very rarely let you glimpse into all of the mundane mayhem that is my life, so today's your day.

Aren't you so glad you clicked over?

Let's start with last Thursday, when B and I attended a public policy debate titled "Does Capitalism Have a Soul?" I'll save you the brain cells . . . it doesn't. Anyway, we really enjoyed the debate (if you can call it that--it was more like a discussion) and created a little mayhem of our own as B pumped his fist every time he got an answer right. Which means that Arthur Brooks, the conservative on the panel, said something B already had already whispered in my ear. He's so competitive, that boy.

Friday's mayhem involved taking Maggie to see "Great Expectations" over at the college. Her friend, B, who is also Amy's daughter, played young Estella . . . . Marvelously, I might add. The mayhem part was trying to get Maggie away from B after the play was over . . . at 11:00 P.M.! My head was spinning I was so tired and hot because the theater was very small and very warm.

Saturday was a bit of a relief from the mayhem. After a relaxing morning in a beautiful home honoring a wonderful girl with a baby shower, I came home and relaxed for most of the afternoon. And then relaxed some more that night as Maggie and I watched "Julie and Julia" together. (It was on sale at Target for $10 last week, and I couldn't resist that bargain.)

Sunday's mayhem started out with a cute joke by our pastor. He said that even though the passage we were about to study was a bit "tricky," when taken in its proper biblical context it would prove to be a "treat." I think I was the only one who got his slight nod to Halloween as I loudly guffawed and everyone turned to stare at me. Believe me, this happens more than one would hope it would. Am I the only one who gets British humor?

And then there was last night . . . true mayhem as 20 college students descended on my home. They ate. And ate. And ate some more, but we did have plenty of food (thank goodness!). We watched the Giants pretty much crumble the Rangers underneath their thumbs. And B and I finally got to meet and spend time with some of Kate's friends. It was a great night.

So there. Mayhem? Yes. Busy? Always. Mundane? I don't think so.

This is my life. And I love it.

How about you? What do you love about your life? Is it full of mayhem too? Tell me about it!


P.S. Why not create a little mayhem of your own? Be sure to go VOTE tomorrow!


  1. My life is more than full of mayhem. . .and I complain (sometimes more than I should) but I wouldn't trade it, or the amazing people in the mayhem for ANYTHING!

    (By the way, your weekend sounds wonderful!)

  2. Sounds like fun to me!
    I heard laughing at the 8:00 service, but had no idea what was said. I just couldn't plain hear him. Thanks for letting me in on the joke!
    Steve and I are going to see "Great Expectations" for our anniversary on Friday. Thanks for the heads up on the temp, now I can prepare adequately!
    Thanks again for sharing. I love reading about the mundane and the crazies of others. It make me feel somewhat normal. ;)

    Kate H

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