Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking a Break

Here's what I have going on this week:

- Taking Maggie to the orthodontist for the first time today. This could be interesting.
- Grocery shopping. We have no fruit in this house.
- Buying dog food. We have no dog food in this house either.
- Taking part of Thursday off to go shopping with my husband who is off. Bankers never work, do they?
- Watching Maggie perform in her school play tonight and Thursday.
- Buying mascara for Maggie who needs it for the play. Could take a while.
- Peeling. I got a little sun last weekend.

But mainly I'm practicing, focusing, and preparing for the women's retreat where I'll be speaking on Saturday. Please pray for me--I'm speaking twice on Saturday. And please pray for the women of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Naperville, that God would speak to their hearts and help them to find their identity in Him alone.

With all that mascara and dog food buying going on, I've decided to take a break from the blog this week. I'll miss you, but make sure you come back on Monday when I'll be back to talking about all the nonsense in my life.

I'd love to know . . . what do YOU have going on this week? Do you ever take a bloggy break?



  1. WELL. I'm taking my daughter to be fitted for braces today as well. An hour drive each way.

    Doctor appointment for one tomorrow. Youth group and worship band practice tomorrow night. Going to hear my husband speak at a Veteran's Day celebration on Thursday morning.

    Lots of cleaning and stuff at home.

    What fascinating lives we lead!!!!

  2. Bankers never work, eh? I'll keep that in mind.

  3. Shelly, you're precious! I'm actually taking a bloggy break starting Thursday when I fly out to visit my parents for about a week and a half. I...can't...wait! Meanwhile, I'm trying to be good and get things ready for my departure here at home. I'm sure I'll check in with you next week, but I probably won't be blogging myself.

  4. I am on a blog break right now, due to moving. Just got on today and have almost 400 unread posts on my reader. yikes.

    Praying for you, Shelly, as you speak. What is your topic? I really enjoy speaking, as well.

    More later. We are moving this weekend . . . again. I will post about it soon.

  5. I am off to Oklahoma City to visit my sister that has alzheimer.
    She may not even know me. I will sit with her, hold her hand and
    tell her about all the wonderful times we had together.

  6. Oh dear Lena, I will pray for you. Hope the trip goes well.

  7. How did your speaking go?


  8. I read this just in time to be praying tomorrow for you. And I will. God will show up!!

    And you know I take blog breaks! And I don't even give warning or explain. : ) Carry on.

  9. Just reading this on Sunday night. How did your retreat go? Can't wait to hear all about it!!!