Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Mayhem

Good Monday Morning! I'm going to be brief here because there are places to go and people to see and lots to do today.

Our weekend was . . . in a word . . . busy. But so much fun!

Friday night was party #1 with a sweet young family from church here for dinner. The best part was watching Maggie, who is just starting to babysit, have so much fun with their two-year-old daughter. I don't know what it is, but I just love watching my girls nurture other little kids. We work in the nursery once a month and it's fun to see them interact with the babies there too. So sweet!

Saturday night was Party #2--the high school youth group progressive dinner. It's a fun event where the kids get dressed up in formal wear and travel to three different homes for three courses of the meal. Then they all end up back at church for dessert and a special time together.

We, of course, had the main course, so I went with my old standby for things like this: chicken parmesan, pasta, and bread. It was so good--one of my favorite meals--and soooo easy. One happy mama here.

Sunday. Oh Sunday. You just about kicked me to the corner, but I survived. The day started out at church which was wonderful and restful and Christmas-y. We then ran home to scurry around to get ready for Party #3 which, I thought, was going to be a group of college students coming over for pizza. But then I decided to look at my phone and found a text from the night before (silly me! How could I have gone to bed before 11:30 and missed the text?!) telling me that Party #3 was going to have to be postponed until after Christmas Break. College kids had other plans.

No worries. I had plenty to do to get ready for Party #4. So I spent the afternoon polishing silver, setting tables, and baking homemade rolls. Until we had to GOT to go to Abby's concert at the high school. This year the high school gave us parents presents--they cut the concert down from three hours to one hour. Wasn't that nice of them? Actually, they split it into two concerts so we only had to go to one. The one Abby was in.

Here's the best part of their program: everyone stands while the choirs sing and the musicians accompany the Halleluia Chorus. Can you believe that? In a very large public high school?

Can I just tell you that I love our community? I do.

After the concert we rushed over to church to listen to our church choir put on their annual "Lessons and Carols" program. Amazing. It's like a professional choir and a professional orchestra singing and playing the most beautiful Christmas music of all time. I loved it.

It made me feel all Christmas-y again.

And then there was the small matter of a church meeting after the concert which pretty much crushed that Christmas-y feeling. But I think I'm recovered now.

The Christmas-y feeling is back. And just in time too, because tonight is Party #4 (or #3 if you're really keeping track). We're hosting the pastoral staff from our church with their spouses. About 30 people in all.

As Maggie put it the other day, "Wow, that's a lot of holy in one place."

So if you don't hear from me for a few days you'll understand why. Four parties in four days (almost). But you know, it's what I do. I party. And I cook. And I host.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


P.S. I was just kidding about the not hearing from me for a few days part. I'll be back later today with a Christmas Tour of Homes post. Lots of fun going on at Nester's place today.

And the GIVEAWAYS!! I've got some giveaways lined up this week that you will NOT want to miss.

So I'll be back. I hope you will too.


  1. Wow, your school must have people who know better than to talk out loud throughout an entire concert. I get so tired of people who don't have any concert etiquette.

  2. I'm breathless reading about your weekend never mind actually being the one doing it.

    At my daughter's orchestra concert on Saturday they did the Hallelujah concert and before they started the conductor was explaining the era it came from and how it was considered sacred music and people used to stand when it was played. And the same thing happened here, everyone stood up. It made the hair on my arms stand up. Beautiful.