Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010. And as a Bonus, Some Parenting Advice!

So, I really haven’t told you anything about our Thanksgiving yet. Probably because there’s not that much to tell.

I’d hate to bore you with tales of our lying around on the couch for six hours watching football.

Or of my making homemade Chex mix and basically just leaving the pan on the counter all day. “Enjoy your lunch, dears!”

Or lifting my head up from my position in the family room to see who’s wandering through the kitchen.

Yep, that pretty much sums up our Thanksgiving.

I did not cook since it was just our little Party of Five. Just saying it . . . “I did not cook” . . . brings shivers down my spine, because you all know how much I love to cook. And to not cook Thanksgiving is kind of a travesty.

But I’m getting over it.

Four years of going out, and I’m finally getting over it.

Besides, as I told the mailman on Monday (and pretty much anyone who would listen), I cook a lot—A LOT—during the rest of the year. I guess it’s O.K. for me to take Thanksgiving off.

Maybe in about 25 years I’ll actually believe that.

But the fam didn’t mind, so I played along. Someday we will have another family, oh heck, even another person, to cook for and I’ll love every minute of it. But as long as it’s just the five of us, it’s best to go out since I’d be crying in my sweet potatoes if we went to all that fuss at home only to have just us five sitting around the table. That's just depressing if you ask me.

Enough about the meal or lack thereof.

There was a little matter about the hubs being on T.V. that morning and the two of us having to get up really early to head into Chicago for him to be interviewed and the two of us sitting in the “Green Room” which was really the restaurant of a fancy hotel and the Harlem Globetrotters were there, along with Miss Illinois (woo hoo! a brush with fame!), and then B getting interviewed and forgetting everything he was supposed to say even though he had practiced a million times all week long. It’s one of those real-life nightmares he would rather forget.

Except that it will now be preserved forever on this here blog. And our DVR.

The best part about being in Chicago that morning, aside from the truly awesome-for-Thanksgiving-Day kind of weather, was that when crowds gather the whackadoodles come out. We’ve seen them before. It’s not the first time.

But this crowd’s whackadoodles were special. Because they were “Christians.” Yelling really loudly into a bullhorn something about how everyone in the crowd was going to hell.

Really! You can’t make this stuff up.

And they were carrying signs. We were being rushed across the street for B to do his interview (on LIVE T.V.!!!!), so I didn’t have time to get a picture of the whole thing. But I do remember one sign that said, “Your child needs Christ more than Nintendo!”

I can't argue with that.

But this sign . . . THIS sign . . . really helped me out. I have always wondered how I could be a better mother, and now I know thanks to the bullhorn-toting-really-loud-yelling-hellfire-and-brimstone whackadoodles.

And friends, I just cannot keep this little nugget of knowledge to myself.

Mothers of the world, now you know everything you need to know about being a good mom. Put your knowledge to good use.



  1. "Put your knowledge to good use." OMG. LOL!!!! I guess I know which side of the good/bad motherhood spectrum *I* stand on now.

  2. You know, I cooked and cooked for just the 7 of us which is what we always do on Thanksgiving. Not sure any of it is truly appreciated but I do it. Don't know if there are any restaurants open here that day.
    So who were the whackadoodles? Hopefully not the ones we love to disown here in Kansas--the Phelps freaks.
    I'm thankful to know that your family is sometimes just as normal as mine.

  3. Don't totally order to be a good mother I need a nice glass of wine once in awhile to sit back and forget about life with a pre-teen.

  4. These guys walked past us too, I was surprised these hell and brimstone street preachers still exist - and they looked so normal, very strange. I cooked for 9 under duress - you were smarter!

  5. Your husband's forgetting reminds me of my favorite movie: What About Bob? He gave the camera the ole deer in headlights look... hope it wasn't quite that bad!

  6. Hilarious sign! Thanks for posting so we all know how to be good moms from now on. I'll get right on that.

    Linda, I am from KS and have been yelled at by the Phelps clan before. They are horrendous.

  7. Damn! That last part made me choke on my stogie and spit Jack Daniels all over the screen. I've got rehabilitatin' to do.

    (I cooked for four and you're right, it's depressing, but the cooking and cleaning up kept me so busy I hardly even noticed how much I miss everybody else in my family on major holidays. I've tried NOT cooking, too, but somehow watching the Macy's parade without the scent of turkey in the air felt completely wrong.)

    Here from a tweet by Jo-Lynne! Loved this!

  8. I totally get your sentiments about cooking Thanksgiving dinner for just five (or the lack thereof), however I did cook for just the four of us. I resisted it for several years, going to other people's houses and going out to restaurants, but for the past two years it's been just the four of us around our huge dining room table. And to be honest, I wouldn't trade it for anything. My son hadn't been home from college all semester, so I could have just sat and stared at him for hours. So, since our son chooses to only grace us with his presence a few times a year these days, we cherish the few family-of-four dinners that we get to share. (That was sappy, huh?)

    After dinner, for the next two days in fact, I sat on the sofa watching football and lifting my head occasionally as well. Bliss!

  9. Phew...good to know I'm still a good mom...thank goodness for people w/signs to keep us all straight. :)

  10. Megan, your comment kind of cracked me up:-)
    I'm with you, Lisa! A glass of wine sure helps this mom at times!!