Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Minute Writing

Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama came up with a great idea. Writing for five minutes just to see what we can come up with. This week she gave us a prompt to look through our camera and come up with a photo that we can put into words.

The old writing teacher in me really came out with this one since I used to do stuff like this all the time. Love those writing prompts! I had so much fun that I really hope Lisa-Jo does this again. I'll play!

So, here's my attempt at five minute writing along with the photos that served as my inspiration:


Looking at photos from Borough Market from last summer.

Beautiful, vibrant flowers in purples and yellows and greens.

Cheese, some stinky, stacked ten rounds high. Samples are offered, and I take one from the Stilton vendor, allowing the pungent blue veins to melt and spread all over my tongue. I want more.

Baked goods, especially croissants, are huge and perfect and expertly browned. Croissants are my favorite, the way they softly pull apart and gently melt in your mouth.

I hear the voices of the vendors, “Sausages! Come try the sausages!”

And the grilled cheese vendor. The best grilled cheese I have ever eaten. Ever. Crunchy, perfectly browned, crunchy-crusted Italian bread. Pungent English cheddar with tiny bits of onion and leek. Stringy, salty, perfection.

The bustle of the crowd, the blaring music from street musicians, the cobbled streets, and the delicious grilled cheese all come together to make Borough Market one of my favorite London experiences.


O.K., I confess . . . I couldn't be inspired by just one photo of Borough Market, or even two. Here are a couple more that I just love.



  1. Love it This. And of course now I'm hungry!!!

  2. love the market - I used to have a cookie company and sold at our Farmers Market, plus I am a dairy farmer so totally love everything about the farmer's market- love your pics

  3. Yummm. Well done. Love your snippets that create an experience for the reader.

    I can tell you one disadvantage of me getting your blog in my email now. I can read the whole thing but its another step to comment so I'm often too lazy to click through. Well, maybe not lazy. But I'm reading regularly and I like that. So if you see me or not, I'm keeping up. : ) Now, I just need to get back to blogging myself...

  4. I love the pictures! I will definitely have to check out the Five Minute technique; my blog is in sore need of some sort of muse!