Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Reads

I know I usually post Good Reads on Saturdays, but I've got a whole stack of great posts ready for you to devour, so I thought I'd just get wacky and post them on a Wednesday. Go wild.

I've been thinking about words lately. A lot. Ann Voskamp is a word miracle worker, so it's fitting that she writes this post about the power of words. And the power of a parent's words especially.

I absolutely loved this post at Down on the Farm. She's vulnerable. She's real. And she didn't even bake a single Christmas cookie this year. I think I have a new hero.

Need help with your New Year's Resolution-making? Here are about a hundred or so links to help you out--everything from green living to finances to career goals. Lots of help at "Life . . . Your Way."

And speaking of "Life . . . Your Way" . . . This is a new-ish blog to me (I've been following it for a few months now), and I've got to say that finding this was a happy surprise. This week they are offering tons of free downloads for you. I've printed off a lot of these already, and I know they are going to be helpful.

Here's another freebie from the MODsquad blog (which, by the way, I contribute to monthly--yippee!). It's a beautiful calendar that you can print out. For FREEEEE!!

Two more. Hang with me here.

I always look forward to the list of "banished words" that Lake Superior State University publishes every year. This year's list is "epic," but not an "epic fail." I'm just sayin'.

Finally, Lysa TerKeurst is writing about food, nutrition, and craving God the most in our lives. This post was really practical, and convicting. She tends to do that. But I love her.

So tell me, have you found any good reads lately?



  1. Shelly, Somehow the link to your wonderful blog got buried in my inbox, but I found it and wanted to say that I'm still hoping to meet you at Blissdom! Sounds like 2010 was a wonderful year for you and your sweet family....I wish God's blessings in abundance for your 2011!

  2. Ok Shelly, enough already. I got to reading your recommendations and two hours later came up for air! They just led to one after another! good choices.