Monday, January 31, 2011

Gratitude Journal

Just a quick list this morning. More on Blissdom to come later today,

51. A little trip to Nashville last week.
52. Prayers answered about that trip.
53. Lots of kindness.
54. The (in)Courage peeps.
55. Meeting lots and lots of wonderful women.
56. Time and space to think.
57. Unexpected encouragement.
58. Prayer time on Friday morning.
59. Gussy, who saved me a seat on the plane. (I'll probably be thankful for that forever!)
60. Coming home early. Ahhh.
61. Sitting at a college basketball game with my "real" peeps.
62. Unexpected visitors.
63. Church on Sunday morning.
64. A peek at the sun.
65. Possible blizzard?????? Could spell fun!



  1. Sounds like fun! Hope you get all cozy before the blizzard comes!

  2. Yay! I love that you think the same way I do about the coming blizzard. As long as we're all safe and warm, bring it on! I'm off to Costco to lay in supplies for the entire neighborhood, so we can all hunker down with our kiddos here together.

  3. My first blizzard . . . fun. Love your gratitude.


  4. I am your newest fan as well as friend. . . and I think I'm your 100th follower! Can't wait to read more, dear woman.

    (I forgot to tell you that my nickname at church camp was. . . of course. . . Shelley.)

    Love you, sister!

  5. Oh it sounds like a perfect week for you! I hope you are warming yourself by a fire with hot chocolate...which should be on the list next week!

    So grateful for you Shelly!


  6. Sounds like so much fun! (Blissdom... not the blizzard) ;)
    Wish I could have gone too... maybe next year!

    Have a great week!

  7. Hello, friends! Thanks for the awesome, encouraging comments today. Glenda, I cannot wait to hear what you think! Richella, I feel like you deserve a prize for being my 100th follower. :) And Melanie, so glad you are here--please come back again! The rest of you . . . you are great!