Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home from Blissdom

This is a photo of the Opryland Hotel in Nashville where Blissdom was held.
It does not do justice to the massiveness that is that place. Wow.

Ahhhhh. I've had a good night's sleep and a chance to debrief, and now I'm ready to recap my Blissdom experience. It may take a few posts to figure it all out, but for today, I just want to write about what Blissdom meant to me.

In a word . . . grace. My word for the year. Grace. And it was so evident that God was showering this down on me this weekend.

For me it wasn't the stuff, the swag, the sponsors (Sorry, sponsors. You were lovely, but just not "it" for me.) or the soirees (and those were pretty nice, too!).

No, for me, Blissdom can best be summed up in the smiles, the simple hellos, the snuggly hugs. The moments of sitting down and talking, getting to know each other.

And the kindness.

All sorts of kindness all around me.

From Jo-Lynne who invited me to room with her and left a session early to walk alllll the way down to the lobby when I arrived (believe me, that was a true sacrifice). . . .

To the (in)Courage gals who provided a place for us like-minded women to congregate. . . .

To Robin who hugged me and welcomed me like an old friend. . . .

To Traci who prayed for encouragement for me one morning and not five minutes later did I meet Richella who seemed like a long-lost friend I had never met.

And finally, to dear Gussy who not only "connected" with my heart, but also saved me a seat in Row 10 on a Southwest flight when I was the next-to-the last person on the plane. Can I just say that I love this girl?! More about her to come, I'm sure.

And so, for me, Blissdom was about learning, but mostly about connecting with some really wonderful women.

I'm so grateful.



  1. I've read a lot about blissdom lately. I would love to go one day.
    I enjoy reading your blog- best wishes.

  2. I am so excited that you go to go to Blissdom, Shelly, and look forward to hearing more.

    Welcome home!


  3. I'm so glad that you got what you wanted out of your time at Blissdom. I'm looking forward to seeing how God will use this experience in your life! And I'm so glad that we met and realized our small world connection:)

  4. Welcome home! I followed the conf. on Twitter and was fascinated. It was a good glimpse into the event. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

  5. FINALLY meeting you was a highlight, Shelly; though it really seemed like I already knew you. I love having a blogging friend who "gets" the 40s demographic we so (ahem) quickly embrace (like what's our choice??).

    Anyways, GLAD you're home, thankful to have crossed paths and bonded on so many different levels, happy that we've hugged a few times now :).

  6. Shelly! I didn't see you at ALL on Friday! I looked for you and was so bummed not to hang out with you more. I hope you had a GREAT time - and I can't wait for the next time we get to spend time together!

  7. Can't wait to hear more about your latest adventure.

  8. So glad you enjoyed it! You picked two of the people I'd love to finally meet face to face to feature here. Hope you get to post more pictures and talk about the experience more soon. Happy Monday!

  9. It feels so good to accomplish a goal! So glad you took the risk to go. I, too have enjoyed reading about the conference from many different sources. So cool!

  10. I love Blissdom for so many reasons, but the best one is because I always meet the best people there -- like you :]

    I probably didn't look like I was listening to what you said on the airplane home, but trust me... I was. You're *so* kind. I'm thankful for you :]


  11. Okay, Shelly, I'm finally back with a bit of time to read. So I scrolled down, and the first post I found is one that mentions me!

    GIrl, meeting you was a true highlight for me. My goodness! How is it that our paths have not crossed before? Where have I been? In the wrong place, evidently. But now that I know you, I'll be back again and again.

    You are just wonderful. Just plain wonderful. Thank you for the gift of you.