Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life Gets In the Way

I just loved how all the moms of college students chimed in on my weeping issue yesterday. Seems like lots of you can relate to my little “problem.”

You younger moms take note. Because someday you will probably 1) send someone off to college and 2) have hormonal weeping issues yourself. We moms of older children (note that I didn’t say “older moms”) aren’t entirely crazy.

Just semi-crazy.

I was going to write a deep post today about some things I learned at church on Sunday, but that will have to wait for another day because some things have happened that have caused me to stop thinking deeply for a couple of days and just deal with life.

First, I forgot the color of my daughter’s eyes. I am traumatized. In yesterday’s post I wrote at first about looking into her “beautiful brown eyes.” And then I got a message on Facebook that said, “I'm so offended. After 18 years you still don't know the color of my eyes. Blue, mom, very very blue...not brown!”

And you know what? She’s right! She definitely has blue eyes. Very, very blue eyes. I love those blue eyes because, well, they are hers, but also because they are such an anomaly. Between my hazel eyes and my husband’s brown eyes, we should NOT have had a blue-eyed child, but those recessive genes were on our side and we got Kate. And her blueberry eyes. But I completely spaced it out and wrote “brown” instead of “blue” on my post yesterday. (I’ve since corrected it. And she has graciously forgiven me.)

Second, I had to buy a new washing machine yesterday. I woke up on Sunday and my life was in order, but by Sunday night things were definitely going south when I found out our only-five-years-old washing machine wasn’t working right. I called a repairman who came out right away and who kind of gleefully (why would he be happy about this, I ask you?) told me that the motor wasn’t working. It would cost almost as much as a new machine to replace the motor, so I went shopping.

I hate shopping. Especially for things like washing machines. Oh, and did I mention that we had to get a new furnace last month?

The whole situation just wears me out.

Finally, something is wrong with our cable connection. It's not snowing (I KNOW! We're like the only place in America where it's NOT snowing!). It's not raining. The sun was out all day yesterday, and yet, during the BCS National Championship game last night our cable decided to do this crazy fritzing thing. So the announcers sounded something like this: "And now . . . 's got the ball . . . unning down the line . . . down!" Was that a first down? A touch down? What kind of down was it? Do you know how exhausting it is to try to fill in all those blanks?

A night of football bliss just turned into a . . . -ight . . . foo--all . . . -liss. Exhausting, I tell you.

And so, sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned. In fact, I’m finding that rarely does my life go as planned. In fact, I should probably just stop planning.

I guess that’s what they mean when they say, “just hang on and enjoy the ride.”



  1. "a . . . -ight . . . foo--all . . . -liss" -- . . . that . . . -acks . . . e . . . up.

  2. Life SO gets in the way sometimes.

    What kind of washer did you get? I love mine which is about 2 years old now. The new technology is so amazing.

    I need to clarify my comment on your "weepah" post. I've always had a hard time crying when I wanted to so I am jealous of those who can let if fly. But I will admit that the *ahem* older I get the more easy it is to find tears.

  3. A few years ago, after being married to Rob for about 15 years, he mentioned in a sermon that he just loved my blue eyes.

    They are green.


  4. A few years ago, after being married to Rob for about 15 years, he mentioned in a sermon that he just loved my blue eyes.

    They are green.


  5. I love this... helps me feel "normal"

    And, do you live in Chicago? Does it really get dark right after lunch? I'm coming to the windy city soon!!

  6. Thanks for helping me to see that life gets in the way for all of s...always seem to get in my way of trying to have a perfect day!

  7. I'm glad to see you have your sense of humor during (or even slightly after) all this. :) Hang in there!

  8. I love that in the rubble of crazy days God still manages to keep us sane. Or semi-sane. You are doing well, my friend!

    I always tell my kids, "Hold on to your hats. This hear's gonna be the wildest ride in the west!"

  9. Truth be told-the weeping gets worse, girls. Just wait till your children have children. You can only imagine!

  10. Hey, Shelly, you could always come rent the 1st level of our house and our sweet landlord would have to fix everything that breaks.

    Sorry you had to replace a washer right after a furnace . . . no fun at all. I'd be weeping some more.


  11. Hey our satellite reception has been bad lately too. Funny how anytime the tv is just on and no one is watching it, it behaves perfectly well, but the moment you sit down to check out the situation with our congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords or try to watch a football game or hear an interview with the new voice phenom Ted Williams, you get a...th an.. th...th be..............ig it.Indeed, very tiring...