Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please Tell Me We're Normal

These are just some of the topics we covered at dinner last night . . .

- racism

- Sarah Palin/Kate Goselin (DID YOU SEE THAT??!!)

- Chicago mayoral elections (always interesting)

- Rod Blagojevich (question: is he stupid or not?)

- Benjamin Franklin's virtues (Maggie had to journal about this for a class. I was so proud when she told us that she has her own set of virtues and they're called The Fruit of the Spirit. Yea!)

- the new Congress (this took a while)

- "It's a Wonderful Life" (I know. We just can't seem to let it go.)

So, what did you talk about last night?



  1. You're totally normal! I spent a quiet evening at home with my pup last night, but had I been with my family, the topics might have ranged from typos in the newspaper to any of the things you mentioned. In fact, my mom called me last night just to inform me that she had found several typos in some magazine she was reading. Gotta love it! xoxo

  2. I actually don't think this is normal at all, but it's still GREAT. Here's why: I don't think most (or a lot) of families talk, really talk. I love that yours does.

    And who wants to be normal anyway? :)

  3. I'm with Mary -- it's not normal. It's way above normal. How many families gather around the table, let alone TALK to each other, let alone talk about subjects of such depth?

    My favorite family times are the ones at the dinner table where my kids are helpless with laughter because of the witty repartee that Greg comes up with and the rest of us respond to!

  4. I think your family is the way it should be but sadly is not. I love Maggie's comment about her set of virtues.

    Kate Gosselin makes me twitch. I did watch it but I'm gonna bite my tongue. :vp