Thursday, February 3, 2011

One More Blizzard Story

I'm sure you've heard stories about the blizzard.

All those cars abandoned on Lake Shore Drive.

(I told my husband that if I were stuck in that mess for nine hours I would have been FREAKING OUT!! Crying. Screaming. Fits of rage. I would have even crawled through the blizzard in stilettos--if I ever wore stilettos--to get out of there. There is NO WAY I could have stayed in my car that long, watching the snow pile up around me, realizing my car was going nowhere fast.)

Anyway, while all of those people were stuck in their cars on Lake Shore Drive, I was outside filming for posterity. I thought it would be cool for my kids and grandkids to have some footage of the storm someday. (They don't seem to care that much, but oh well.)

So at 10:00 p.m. I put on my coat, boots, scarf, hat, and gloves--in other words, I "bundled up" (my kids think that's a funny phrase. Do you?)--and I grabbed my cameras and headed out. The still shots basically ended up looking like this.

Too much snow blowing around in 60 mph wind to get much of anything.

But while I was videotaping I noticed a car pull up at the end of our block. Which, in itself, was kind of unusual. I mean, we were in the middle of a BLIZZARD.

Then I heard a woman's voice calling something over and over, and I quickly realized that she was calling for her dog. My heart sank. I love my dog, and I felt sick just thinking about Thunder out there wandering in the cold, probably disoriented, freezing, not knowing where to turn. I wondered for a second if I should join the woman in her search, but decided that would be too dangerous.

So I did the next best thing. I went into the house and jumped on Facebook. I wrote: "Northside neighbors: I just stepped outside to take pictures and I heard a woman calling for her dog. Keep your eyes open for this poor lost dog. So sad."

And pretty quickly a friend who was riding out the storm in Arizona (!) wrote back saying that she knew who that was and that her dog was a golden retriever named Harry.

We went to bed praying for poor Harry. Some of us may have had a few tears in our eyes as we thought of what could happen to this poor lost dog.

The next morning I got this report on Facebook: "Harry the golden retriever is HOME!! A man found him last night but did not call police until this morning... Prayer answered!! Now he can enjoy the snow!"

A happy ending. I was so thankful for Facebook and that I was able to find out the end of Harry's story.

Tonight, as Julia was praying before bed she gave thanks for Harry's return. And then she said, "Thank you for listening to all of our prayers, even the small ones."

It was a big blizzard that brought some big problems for a lot of people. Some stories may not have ended quite as well. But our story, Harry's story, ended happily.

And Julia learned a little something about God through it all.



  1. so glad Harry was found! I'm real familiar with the words "bundled up" - must be a mama thing. Enjoy the snow - we are getting ice here in MS. Praying the electricity stays on, (we are all electric) no other heat source.

  2. I laughed when I read this (not the part about the dog being lost), but remembering all the common connections we had, even though we have not yet met. And you post about the dog on facebook and someone in another state that you know, knows who the dog is - by name. Do you know everyone, Shelly? :)


  3. What an example of God's kingdom. A woman from a church loses her beloved dog in a blizzard. You "happen" to go outside and hear the urgent pleas of the searchers. Through social media though thousand of miles away you now know the name of the dog and help spread the news. Soooo that night a church family including a "new" teen are praying while the youth pastor hears about it and wants to rush out and help the search. All connected through church but unaware. God was aware! Yea God and welcome back Harry. Does church have an associate membership for Harry?

  4. Sarah, I still get tears in my eyes thinking about what might have happened to Harry. And I'm so glad I was able (through you) to be able to find out the ending to the story. What a relief!

    Glenda, I do know a few people, I guess. But I think it's more about the power of Facebook. What a great tool!

    Good luck with your icy day, Karen!

  5. We had a very similar story just a few weeks ago. The dog went from behind the high school all the way to Southmor Rd.! He was gone for about 12 hrs. Facebook saved him, too! There was even an out of state connection as well!!