Monday, March 14, 2011

Gratitude Journal

"Crazy" doesn't even begin to describe the past two weeks. I've been to a workshop in Chicago that I can't wait to tell you all about . . . when I have a minute. And I've been to New York City, which I also can't wait to tell you about . . . tomorrow.

Until then, a few things for which I am so grateful . . .

103. Traveling mercies. So many details needed to be worked out over the past couple of weeks, and everything went perfectly.

104. Safety on the streets of NYC.

105. This:

106. Getting to know Kate's friends a little better--a true blessing.

107. Good weather.

108. Available tables in restaurants.

109. My family at home, holding everything together.

110. HOME!!!

111. These:

112. Excellent Bible teachers.

113. Time spent digging into God's word.

114. Learning new truths.

115. Reconnecting with old friends.

116. Connecting with new friends.

117. Daylight Savings Time--an extra hour of daylight!

118. My husband, who serves in so many ways.

119. Slowly creeping temperatures.

120. Time to rest before a busy week.

I'm excited about the week ahead; I'm sure I'll have lots to share.

So tell me, what's ahead for you this week?

I'm linking up with Ann today. Hope you'll join us there!



  1. I am thankful for tomorrow and YOU.


  2. Such an exciting list! Can't wait to come back and hear all about it! Glad all went well on your trip!