Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello? Spring? Are you out there?

Where I live, Spring doesn't come early, if it even comes at all. Somewhere around Mother's Day we might start to see some greenery pushing its way through the stubborn ground, but until then, there's just not a lot of springtime happening around here. And pretty much as soon as Memorial Day hits, it gets to be about 95 degrees with humidity that will make your hair stand on end and stays that way until somewhere around October.

Welcome to life in the Windy City. Ugh.

On Saturday, I was driving home from the city with a friend. We were tired from three days at a conference, and the weather was gloomy. In fact, "gloomy" is an understatement. It was downright nasty. Gray. Clouds so thick you could reach out and touch them. And the worst--it started snowing . . . sideways.

Seriously now, it's March. Time to be done with the snow. Saturday's weather really was enough to challenge even the happiest person, and it was enough to just about push me right over the edge.

Solution? Turn on some music. I turned on our local Christian radio station and we started humming along to some of our favorite songs. But then the announcer came on and ruined everything. "Ahhhh, Spring." he said. "All the flowers were blooming as I was driving to work today. It was so beautiful." (And then he probably went on to say something about how wonderful God is to give him such gorgeous weather and to fill his life with such beautiful flowers. Blah, blah, blah.)

Immediately, and in unison, my friend and I said, "OH, SHUT UP!!!!!" We actually yelled at the radio guy! It wasn't his fault. How could he know that as he opined about the beautiful flowers we were driving in a sideways sleety, slushy, snowy mess?

My friend then said, "Hey, that's not K-LOVE. That's not loving at all!"

To which I replied, "No. That's K-HATE. It is absolutely hateful to talk about spring flowers when we're dealing with this."

And so, I have a feeling that my favorite Christian radio station will forever be known to me as K-HATE. Only because I am so tired of winter that I feel some seriously strong reaction to anyone who has better weather than me right now.

And that's pretty much the rest of you.

So tell me, what's the weather like where you are? Please give me some hope that spring will actually come someday.



  1. Where I live in Oregon it has been rain, clouds, cold, some snow a few weeks ago, sometimes a peek of sun. My daffodils are trying to bloom and the tulips are about 5 inches high. That is all... nothing wonderful to share other than today is a new day and we can be glad for it.

  2. Well here in good old Wisconsin it snowed last night.
    Just when the grass was starting to show amid patches of snow. It snows.
    Like two inches!!
    I was totally hoping spring was on the way too. But I guess not!:(

  3. Well. . . it's 25 degrees here but THE SUN IS SHINING!!! That's a big deal around these parts. :)

  4. I was born and raised in Toledo OH. Spring was pretty much the way you described. Non-existent.

    Then we moved to Jacksonville...and it was hot, but there was still no spring. It was nice, but no blooming flowers and buds on trees.

    THEN we moved to Louisville. Alas...a real spring. It's gorgeous, when it comes. It's not quite here yet. But it will be here soon. And all our trees will look just like the one in your pic.

    Today it's partly cloudy, high 40's. Rainy and 60's later in the week.

  5. I am so with you! I live in Toronto. One of my closest friends lives in Chicago. We've determined I get your weather about 24 hours later. On Saturday, I was starting to get excited. I could almost see the grass in my front yard. On Sunday, we woke up to 4 new inches of snow. No sign of green anywhere! I'm ready for it to end. At least it is sunny today.


  6. I'm just north of you in Wisconsin, also experiencing the gloomy gray days.

  7. I remember those days and do not miss them at all, Shelly! It's been in the 40s-60s in Nashville lately. This week has been on the chilly side but I comfort myself by remembering that it's warmer than back home, which your post just confirmed. Hope your weather improves soon!

  8. Oh boy, I am used to spring coming in late January, early February. I am having to make spring happen inside my house - a few new plants and colors.


  9. When I talk to people from home and they start discussing the weather, I stick my fingers in my ears and go, "La la la la la can't HEAR YOU la la la la."

    It's still winter. Everywhere. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just being mean.

    I have to defend the summers up here though, my friend. They are AMAZINGLY beautiful and heavenly compared to Southern summers. Seriously! I swear every February that I'm moving South as soon as possible and then come June? I swear just as vehemently that I'm never leaving, ever.

  10. Oh, I'm sorry - I'm going to be one of those spring-comes-early people. I grew up in Southern IL (long way from the Windy City) but my brother lives in Chicago now. I'm in South Carolina. So I love to call him these days and say, "I'm driving with the windows down; no coat." And then he hangs up on me :)

  11. Guess I'm the one who's got to be mean. I live in Atlanta, Georgia where winters are short and spring comes with pollen...achoo! We had a sneak peak at spring/summer a few weeks ago with warm breezes and beautiful blue skies. But today it's gloomy and cooler, but with the promise of spring blooming around me.