Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Reads

It's still the weekend, so I feel justified in slipping in a few good reads for you all.

"Confessions of a Working Mom" was a guest post last week at my friend, Sandy's blog. I could relate to a lot of what is in this article--not because I'm a doctor or anything--but because I felt a lot of what Meredith describes when I was teaching. Excellent post for working moms.

Michael Hyatt: "Be the Friend You Wish You Had." Need I say more?

Life . . . {Your Way}: "Taking Your Family from Okay to Awesome." Loved these really practical ideas.

I know I link to Jon Acuff almost every week, but what can I say? He speaks to me. This week we've suffered a couple of disappointments around here. "Hiding the Things that Hurt" is one I should read over and over again.

Why I've started reading a blog called "The Handmade Home" is way beyond me. It almost makes me laugh. Except that the photos on this blog are beautiful. And this little Easter craft is just precious. If you're crafty you might want to try it.

Any good links you want to share? Even from your own blog? Link up in the comments!


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