Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here's What I Know

1. My mom is visiting with us for a few days.

2. It’s colder here than it should be right now. (Sorry, Mom!)

3. My kids have more activities than usual this week.

4. College Girl is coming home for the weekend (yippee!), so I've got some cooking to do.

5. It’s Holy Week, and I’ve got some reflecting to do.

6. We’ve also got some celebrating to do. My birthday is tomorrow. (*gulp*)

7. Between church services and family fun, there won’t be a lot of blogging this week.

So here’s the deal. I think I’ll post a couple of previously run posts this week. And I’ll come up with new material as I can, but no guarantees.

I’ll miss you, but I need to focus my energy here at home right now.

See you when I can!



  1. Have fun and happy early birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to you and have a wonderful visit with your family!

  3. Have a wonderful Birthday!
    I know you are having a wonderful visit with your Mom. Thinking of you both. Lena

  4. Thanks, everyone.

    Lena, I'm thinking of you too right now.

  5. Hope your birthday is very special, Shelly. I wrote a post for tomorrow, then I am off until after the holiday. Breaks are good, right?


  6. Happy Birthday Sister! Celebrate and have lots of fun!

  7. Found you via Sarah
    at MCS and popped by
    to say hello! My b-day
    was a week ago...So
    happy b-day, fellow
    xx Suzanne