Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just one of the many reasons I love him

Because of those mornings. 6:00 a.m.

The sounds coming from the little pink tiled bathroom. The one with the black band around the top. Totally 50s.

The same little pink bathroom that Kate once locked herself into when she was four, thinking she could manage the old-fashioned lock all by herself. And when she couldn’t figure it out I had to run next door to our neighbor, Richard, who thankfully was home and had an extension ladder.

He rescued her from the tower that day.

But her real Prince Charming—my Prince Charming—would begin each day in that little pink bathroom, Kate sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, watching him shave.

And while he shaved, they sang.

What can wash away my sin? (Him)
Nothing but the blood of Jesus! (Her)
What can make me whole again? (Him)
Nothing but the blood of Jesus! (Her)

And while he could have been singing “Wild Thing” or something Bob Dylan, he instead sang about the blood. Every morning. While he shaved.

While my eyes slowly opened and my brain cleared for the day, I awoke to the sounds of him teaching her the most important song a dad can teach a daughter.

And that’s why I love him.

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  1. That is a very good reason.

    I remember sitting and watching my dad shave when I was a little girl. It is now still one of my favorite times to talk to my husband.

  2. Oh, this makes me want to cry! You have a great husband!!!!

    Your bathroom is cute, too.

  3. Oh, Shelly. So sweet. So important, those moments of deep theology in song. I remember these with my Grandpa while fixing stuff and with my Mom while washing dishes.

  4. Oh, that's not my bathroom, Linda. But it looks similar to the one we once had. :)

  5. Such a sweet and simple thing to do each day . . . yet so profound.
    This is a great story . . . hope some shaving dads are reading.


  6. The relationship between a dad and daughter is so important. Moments like that are so sweet. I am a complete daddy's girl. My kids don't have a relationship with their dad and it absolutely breaks my heart. He has disappointed them in so many ways and as bad as I hate it for my two boys, I really hate it for my daughter that she missed out on such a special bond. My dad and my grandfather, brother, and sister's husband try to fill in, but there is a void there that can't be replaced.

  7. Awwww... that made me cry... so sweet. She (and you) are very fortunate!!!!

  8. Beautiful esteeming of your man. We have a similar bathroom in the 1928 Craftsman we are renting for the year. It is the only full bathroom in the house. It makes me for a lot of unplanned family time. ;)

  9. So precious. A beautiful teaching moment seized upon by a loving Dad.