Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Royal Wedding Watchers Guide

Alright, Anglophiles. It’s game time.

This week is OUR Super Bowl week, and Friday is the Big Game.

Time to exercise your clicker finger. Time to bake scones. Time to pull out that old bridesmaid’s dress and wear it.

It’s Royal Wedding Week.

There’s just a bit of buzz about the Royal Wedding going on around here. Three girls live in our house. Are you kidding me?! We’re just a little bit excited.

We will be celebrating with a group of college girls (along with any high school or junior high students who might want to get up early) at 5:00 a.m. Tea, scones, and cucumber sandwiches are on the menu.

As a public courtesy, I thought I’d give you a few ideas to enhance your Royal Wedding week.

Of course, your RW stage central is the Official Website of the Royal Wedding. Here you’ll find pretty much everything you’ve ever wondered about the Royal family, its history, and their friends. You can even find a seating chart . . . just in case you’re wondering where to sit in Westminster Abbey.

Fox News also offers a Royal Wedding page on their website, complete with the guest list and plenty of videos.

And then there’s the BBC. The BBC website offers love stories, a map of the wedding route, and even a Middleton family tree (I guess that’s just to prove she really is a Commoner).

Just for Fun
Boden, THE place for adorable British fashion, is THE place for Bingo this week. Go to their website to download Royal Wedding Bingo cards that you can play during the ceremony.

And while we’re having fun, how about a movie? One of my personal Royal family favorites is “The Queen.” It’s particularly fitting right now since it’s rumored that Wills and Kate will be honeymooning in Balmoral, and much of the movie takes place there.

(As an aside, why anyone would want to honeymoon in Balmoral, where it’s cloudy and foggy and about 45 degrees all year long is beyond me. But, hey, who am I to talk? I went to Wisconsin on my honeymoon. But that’s another story for another time. Or never.)

Another favorite British movie that has nothing to do with the Royal family but is one of my favorites is “Notting Hill.” Because . . . why not?

Finally, for a HUGE laugh, you have to see the Man Hater’s Channel Lifetime movie “William and Kate” played by C-list British actors who have never been to St. Andrews let alone ever ridden in a Range Rover (not that I ever have either, but hey, one can dream). To properly watch this movie you have to gather a bunch of friends together, drink a couple of glasses of wine, and only use your fake British accent all night long.

This movie just has to be experienced to be believed, but thankfully Lifetime has given us a 30 second trailer for their stellar film. Watch this and get in the mood for Friday.

So tell me, how will you be celebrating the Royal Wedding this week? WILL you be celebrating the Royal Wedding?



  1. Wishing it wasn't 400 miles to Wheaton so that I could come and crash your party! Have a fab time.

  2. Scones, tea and watching the wedding in the wee hours . . . that is what I will be doing.

    Great fun post.


  3. This is my kind of post. . . anything that's addressed to "you Anglophiles" would be right up my alley! As a matter of fact, wasn't that one of the first things you and I discovered we had in common?!

    I am so proud of you for getting up early to partake in the merriment. Alas, I'm afraid I'll have to DVR the ceremony and watch it a little later in the day. But I'm having such fun watching the BBC this week!

    Here's a non-wedding question for you: What are your favorite BBC shows? Around here, the faves are Top Gear and Dr. Who. Of course, I don't live in a house full of girls. . . but I'll take my Brit fix any way I can get it!

  4. Yes, I am totally getting up to watch! I think my girls will straggle out of bed too - especially for the scones. I might even have to go to Whole Foods and blow $8 on 2 oz of clotted cream... I'm SO excited!

  5. Shelly I'm not into it enough to get up at 1 o'clock to watch it, so I'm TiVoing it. Then I'll watch with tea in my Old Country Roses Royal Albert tea pot and fresh scones. Did you watch last week's The Middle? A great episode about Frankie's obsession with the royal wedding! Enjoy!

  6. You. Are. Hilarious.

    I have no interest in the royal wedding but you almost make me want to watch just so I'm not left out of all the fun.

  7. I love you Shelly! This post is awesome!

    (Nester will also be watching. She posted today about this too!)

  8. Oh, yessssssss!!! I certainly shall be a-watching!!! And I think I have my fake-Britsh accent just about perfected now!!! Ha!!