Tuesday, May 17, 2011

31 Days Closer to Your Kids: Follow a Team Together

Shelly Final

True confessions time. We’re hockey fans.

You can un-follow me now if you want.

We weren’t always hockey fans. A couple of years ago the Chicago Blackhawks, our local team, was doing pretty well. They had a couple of exciting rookies that my husband started to follow. That year I took him to our first NHL hockey game . . . on Valentine’s Day. (Aren’t we the romantic couple?)

We had fun at that game. Lots of fun. In fact, as B explained the game to me and I actually started to understand it, the game became really interesting.

The next year B got offered three tickets by a co-worker who couldn’t use them. We snatched them up and took Julia to the game with us. Her start was a little rocky—not five minutes into our seats, she turned to me and said, “Mom, I’m not sure, but I think I just got beer poured on my head.”

Sure enough. (You gotta watch it with the hockey crowd, I’ll admit.)

We wiped her off and focused on the game. B explained everything to her, while I shouted and jumped and high-fived my neighbor when the Hawks scored a goal. What can I say? Hockey games are fun!

That was October of 2009. Julia’s first Blackhawks game. She was hooked.

Many mornings Julia would come downstairs, grab the Sports section of the newspaper and check to see how her team had done the night before. Many a winter’s evening, Julia and her dad would be found in front of the T.V. watching hockey together.

They even discussed stats!

All while I stood on the sidelines and smiled.

The Blackhawks had an exciting season that year—they ended up winning the Stanley Cup Championship, much to the delight of all the hockey fans in this household. And after they won the cup, we celebrated . . . with two million of our closest friends.

I know that boys and their dads can really share a bond over sports teams, but I’m here to tell you that girls and their dads can too.

Alright, spill it. What teams do you follow?

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  1. This is great advice! Following teams has been one of the biggest bonding tools we've found with our boys the last few years. We're mostly NFL, college basketball, and NBA fans: Indianapolis Colts and the Duke Blue Devils are our favorites. As for the NBA, we like the Orlando Magic and the LA Lakers, but we can usually find a team to follow all the way. The truth is that now I am always sad to see a season come to its end!

    Know what's funny? My oldest is a Duke student, so it makes sense that we love the Blue Devils. But now my second son is going to UNC-Chapel Hill, and he's determined to make us Tar Heel fans. He said, "There's going to be some affirmative action around here!" So I guess we'll root for both Duke and Carolina. Should keep things interesting!

  2. Uh oh, Richella. You're going to have a big problem on your hands! I know what you mean about being sad when a season comes to an end--I feel the same way.

  3. We're NHL fans...on the other coast. Vancouver Canucks, to be exact. ;D It's been a wonderful bonding time with our 8 year old daughter, who joined our family a year ago! We're all sad when the season is done!

  4. We've always followed whatever baseball team was closest to us - the Atlanta Braves, the Houston Astros, the Texas Rangers, the Arizona Diamondbacks. My son and husband even went to an Astros game in the middle of a tropical storm one year, such devoted fans they were.

    I agree that following a team together is a great way to cement the bonds of family. We've all enjoyed our trips to the ballpark - complete with chilli cheese fries served in commemorative plastic baseball helmets (which we still have and eat ice cream from).

    Now that my son is in college at the University of Arizona I didn't see how my husband (a huge college football watcher) could ever become a Wildcats fan, but he has. My son actually got invited to the UofA sports banquet because he was one of the top 10 sporting events attendees for the year (now there's an accomplishment to be proud of!). So my husband still enjoys sports with DB. He drives up to Tucson for Wildcat baseball and basketball games with DB. And they took a roadtrip to the UofA bowl game (that I mention with fear and shame because it was a lousy game) in San Antonio, TX.

    I just woke DB up this morning (home for one week before heading off to his summer internship) to tell him that one of the Wildcats' star basketball players is transferring away. That's how into UofA sports we are!

  5. We follow Notre Dame football. One of the first songs that Megan learned was the ND victory march! As she will gladly tell anyone who asks, she bleeds blue and gold!

  6. I love these fun comments! They are making me smile today. Keep them coming!

  7. My husband is a big NFL fan - and I am too - so we watch alot of football in the fall. He is a Seattle Seahawks fan, and we cheer for the Bears (when they aren't playing Seattle). For some reason, my eldest decided to start cheering for Iowa Hawkeyes this fall (like her uncle Tink)when we watch college ball - instead of Michigan State where both my parents went. Needless to say, my girls are very competent football fans and enjoy Sundays on the couch with dad, pizza, and a little pop!

  8. We just went to our first Cubs game. We had a huge thunder storm in the middle of it . . . which was really fun.


  9. Go Hawks go! My family was really into the Bulls during the Michael Jordan years, though we never got to go to a game. We had just as much fun cheering on from home!

    Now I'm a rabid White Sox fan, though my immediate family doesn't watch baseball. My extended family is composed of misguided Cubs fans. I'm an anomaly but my team won the World Series. Didn't I pick well?

  10. or follow Jimmy Buffett together :) We just went to his concert (4 of us) and I think discussing his broken arm from falling off the stage with my boys last week is certainly following. We sing his songs, even have our family's theme song of his and went to Margaritaville in Key West for our family vacay last year!! You gotta tell 'em they can't have margarita in their sippy cups and you gotta pray as a family for him because he doesn't believe in Jesus but it sure is fun to wear hula skirts and parrot hats together and sing loud!! :)