Saturday, May 28, 2011

31 Days Closer to Your Kids: Notes

Shelly Final

I'm a note writer. If you look at my desk, you'll see little scribbles of paper all over the place. Reminders, mostly, but sometimes thoughts, quotations, sermon notes.

A couple of years ago--two years ago, to be exact--when Julia finished fifth grade, I was cleaning out her lunch box. She wouldn't be needing that in middle school (not cool!), so I figured I'd clean it out before I threw it away.

I noticed a few pieces of folded paper in one of the pockets of her lunch box. I began unfolding and realized that Julia had saved all of my notes from the year, tucked away in that pocket.

It tickled me to know that these notes meant enough to her to save.

I don't know what happened to them--there were a lot of them. Not one for every day--I'm not that great of a mom--but there was a significant pile.

Today I found a few of those old lunchbox notes in a drawer. I must have tossed a couple in there for safekeeping.

Once again, it made me smile to think of the days I wrote these notes. To think of Julia, sitting at her lunch table, opening each little treasure. And to think of her friends leaning close, asking, "What's it say?"

Writing notes to my kids brings me a lot of joy because it's a quick reminder that I'm thinking about them all day long. And if you think the note-writing stopped after fifth grade, think again. I still occasionally tuck a note in my high schooler's lunch bag (as long as she doesn't see me do it!). She never says a word about it, but I like to think it makes her smile when she finds a note in her bag.

You know what's great? When I find notes that my kids have written.

Here's one I found in the drawer--Julia must have written herself a note of encouragement in fifth grade!

And this is my most favorite note of all, written by my normally not-too-expressive middle daughter when she was just learning how to write. This note must be at lease 12 years old! I keep it hanging on our family bulletin board near the back door, and every time I look at it, it makes me smile.

So there. A quick, simple way to let your kids know that you care.

Do you write notes to your kids?

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  1. I just did the other day...well, actually she's 4 1/2 so I drew her a little picture and added a short note. She loved it! It's something I definitely want to make a habit of. :)

  2. My mom was a note-leaver too, sometimes on napkins, sometimes on paper. Before a few of my bigger trips, she snuck letters into my suitcase! I treasure those notes and letters. My dad rarely writes me so when he does, it is even more special.

    Even though I'm not a parent, Shelly, this series has reminded me of how awesome my parents were and are!

  3. Not as often as I'd like, but I try. And my husband does, too. It totally makes them smile. Such a good reminder, Shelly!

  4. I have written notes to my kids and put them in their lunch bags.
    Of course, the sweetest notes are the ones they have written me. My youngest son, Andrew, wrote me the most of all...and I'm so happy to have those treasures now. I have the last Mother's Day card he made for me in his bible which I take with me to church every Sunday. He drew us holding hands under a lemon tree. Lemons are my favorite fruit.
    "Laying up treasures in Heaven..."

  5. I LOVE notes! I don't write them often enough though.

    I have several notes that my kids have written over the years up in my little "home office" (the laundry room) and they always make me smile.

    I particularly love when boys sign their entire first, middle and last names on notes to mom so we know exactly who they are!

  6. My daughter is getting ready to graduate high school and she has a box of all the notes I have given her that she keeps in a special place. As I realize I only have about 3 months left with her - I have decided to write her a note/letter for each day this summer in a special book and then she will have that to read (Lord, willing a letter each day) during her first 3 months at college.
    I didn't attempt this with her 3 older brothers, but I know words of affirmation are one of her "love languages" - so I trust this will be a special gift for her.

  7. I totally write notes to my kids. And they save them. And I smile.