Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Minute Friday: On Forgetting

Since I've been doing this "31 Days Closer to Your Kids" series, I have not been taking part in Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday. But I have missed it so much!

So today I decided to bless you bore you honor you (?) with two posts. This one's more for me than for you, so look away if you want. But I kinda like it.


Some days I wear my anniversary band on my left hand (it’s usually on my right) and my family will ask, “What are you trying to remember?” The switching is my little way of remembering a task: phone calls to make, registrations that need to be filled out, papers turned in.

It’s little. It’s unremarkable. But it’s my way of not forgetting.

Today I think it would take a handful of rings to not forget all that I want to remember.

The way you used to jump on my bed in the mornings, dark hair flying all around you and smiles filling the room.

The way you sang “What Can Wash Away My Sin?” at the top of your lungs with your dad as he shaved in the mornings.

The times you used to hide underneath my covers and I’d say, “Where’s Julia?” while I made you into the bed, hearing you giggle like crazy all the time.

Even more recent memories.

Like dropping you off at the camp bus.

High school graduation.

Concerts, plays, recitals.

A lifetime of memories that I’m so afraid I’m forgetting. Because forgetting is a fear of mine. Forgetting is worrisome. Forgetting is becoming more and more common as my brain is filled with not-so-little girl things.

Oh, give me more rings to switch around on my hand so that I won’t ever forget the happiness of today.


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  1. This one was for me too, but just you : ). I'm afraid of forgetting too. I fear I've forgotten so much already. Quick, I must grab my camera to try to capture those moments and keep them forever!

  2. Love your post...the idea of wearing your rings on different fingers to remind you of things is pure genius.

  3. Anything for some bling, right? :) Great post. With Joy, Carey