Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Reads

Oh, the good stuff is just piling up so I thought I'd better share them. 31 Days Closer to Your Kids will resume again tomorrow, but today I'm enjoying having my husband home after a two-week business trip (definitely long enough) and spending time with my kids. It's been a great day!

Kim is an ex-pat living in Hong Kong. She has a beautiful family and a fun little blog, but I love that she shared this story about a homeless man (from Chicago, no less!) with a purpose. It's totally cool.

My pal, Lysa, is bringing the truth about generosity. This one really hit home with me because she sounds like me and her husband sounds like mine. Hmmmm.

It's graduation time, and if you're anything like me and gifts are NOT at the top of your Love Language list, you might be scrambling for some good ideas. Another IRL (that's "in real life," Mom) friend of mine, Robin, created this amazing list of 15 Good and (almost Perfect Gifts for High School Graduates.

Honestly, I can't remember where I got the link to this one, but I loved this Weekly Blog Planner. If you need a little help in the organizational department like me (*ahem*), print one or twenty of these lovelies out.

O.K. Boo Mama? Do you read her? You should. She totally makes me laugh with that sweet, Southern sense of humor. But this week she outdid herself on this post about creating a scrapbook page for her son's teacher. Probably because I could SOOOOO relate to not having the crafty gene either. Go have yourself a laugh.

Finally, I just have to share this post from Jeanne, another IRL friend (there's a little bit of a theme here) whose husband just happens to be our high school pastor at church. (Love them!) Anyway, Jeanne shares more parenting insight here than some parents I know who have been at it for a whole lot longer than six months. Absolutely beautiful. And funny, too! Plus, she's got that cute little baby to boot.

Happy reading!


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