Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Reads

I love sharing all the goodness that I come across every week. Here are some recent favorites.

This first post is for the seamstresses out there (anyone? anyone?). I just thought this guest post on Gussy's blog (such a sweetheart, that Gussy) was beautiful.

Lysa shares a whole lotta wishes for the young people of our world on this post. I think it's pretty special.

Lemon Cream Granola Parfaits? Um, yes please. I think I'll be making these soon.

The writing teacher (that is now being resurrected) in me really resonated with Jon's post, "Three Letters That Will Radically Improve Every Blog and Tweet You Ever Write." It reminds me of the most important question I always tell my students to ask: "So what?"

I was reading back on some old posts by Tullian Tchividjian, the grandson of Billy Graham and pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida. He wrote an excellent post back in 2009 titled "How to Identify a Reliable Preacher" that I thought was spot on. What do you think?

Finally, I was going to do a separate post about Kristin Welch, but I think I'll just add it here. Kristen writes "We are THAT Family" and was one of the Compassion bloggers a year or so ago. She was so influenced by what she saw in Africa, that she and her husband have started a home for pregnant women called The Mercy House in Kenya. Kristen is taking her entire family (husband, three kids, and mom) to Africa with her for three weeks to open The Mercy House. Here is a post about how you can pray for her family. Today, Kristen is sick, and they are supposed to be getting on a plane. Please pray for them.

Edited to add: Unbelievable. Kristen posted this today to ask for further prayers. She is in the hospital with kidney failure. I know she would appreciate your prayers.


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