Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Kitchen Favorites

Do you have a favorite place in your kitchen? Or maybe a favorite feature of your kitchen?

Or do you dream of designing the perfect kitchen . . . someday?

I used to dream of the kitchen I'd have if I could. Funny thing is, I could be happy in a lot of kitchens. In fact, MOST of the kitchens that are being featured at Sarah's "Kitchen Favourites Linky Party" (she's British--I didn't spell it wrong) could easily fit the bill for me.

Six years ago, we remodeled our house and practically doubled the size of my kitchen. I got to choose everything in it, and I still love it today.

Here's my kitchen just after the remodel was completed.

See how shiny my fridge was back then?

It's hard for me to choose just one thing in my kitchen that I love. Maybe it's the soapstone countertops (a little hard to see in these photos).

Or the beautiful tile backsplash I had installed last summer.

(Ah, there are those countertops!)

Or maybe it's the valence that I made out of antique linen tea towels that I bought in Paris a few years ago.

All those things are nice, but what I really like . . .

. . . what really makes me the happiest in my kitchen . . .

. . . is when it's filled with the people I love.

I'm a little late to Sarah's party at Modern Country Style, but that's O.K. You can find more beautiful kitchens over there.



  1. Yes, that is definitely the best thing that can happen in a kitchen. Enjoying loved ones in your home is definitely the sweetest part of HOME. And when they all pitch in and fill up an already full kitchen, well that is heaven to me. Unfortunately, I have not had that really happen yet...but I hope and pray that it will one day.
    I did have about 30 of my friends from church over two weeks ago and it was such a wonderful experience. I love to entertain!
    Hugs, Cindy
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I did mean to say, though, that your kitchen is beautiful and I adore your Soap Stone counter tops! They are more than just gorgeous, if I could have afforded to have Soap Stone, I would have, I have always admired it.
    Your kitchen is huge and I love that back splash!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I LOVE soapstone. I am so jealous.

    Your kitchen is lovely and so you.

  4. I remember meeting you for the first time over coffee in your beautiful kitchen.


  5. Ahhh sweet post... truly a happy kitchen is one that is messy and filled with people, that means there is lots of love!!

    Be blessed ;)

  6. Hi gorgeous girl,

    Oooh, I LOOOOOOOOVE your soapstone tops. I've never seen any soapstone in 'real life' so I've been having a good gawp at yours!!

    Your kitchen looks quite, quite lovely....especially filled with people like that. It looks so sociable and warm and welcoming.

    Right, that's it...I'm on my way. Ha!!

    Thank you so much for coming to my Kitchen Favourites party.


  7. What a lovely kitchen! I am not surprised you love it!
    (visiting via Modern Country Style's blog party)

  8. Awwww... I loved the pictures filled with your family and friends!

  9. Hi Shelley, thanks for stopping by my your kitchen especially those vintage tea towels...and yes I love my frilly apron, I would just love a skirt in the same style. Robx