Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet Summertime

In our neighborhood, summer means going on high alert.

We watch for flooding, especially, because in this older neighborhood the sewer lines just aren't capable of handling all the . . . you know.

We watch for coyotes, because they eat little dogs (not that mine would be in danger).

We watch for various insects and vermin and natural disasters because that's just where we live. On the edge. Right here in suburbia.

So I wondered aloud on Facebook last night if Jack Bauer could have handled the 24 hours that we suffered through this week. Twenty four hours that actually turned into about 29 hours. Twenty nine terrible hours without power.

On Tuesday night we had a thunderstorm that produced very little activity other than a few raindrops, some pretty ginormous flashes of lightning, and a power outage to beat all power outages. Oh, and the tornado sirens that got to exercise their lungs for the first time in recent memory---three times.

Just this morning our power came back on.

Technically, our power was out, but we were still living our lives pretty much like normal because the best money we ever spent was on a generator. It hummed along quite happily, providing us with all the protection we needed this week because that's what we paid for it to do.

I'm sure our neighbors were ready to throttle that thing (or us!) as it buzzed along.

For 29 hours.


But I learned this week that one thing you cannot do when the power goes out is blog because, even if you have a generator to keep all the important components of your house operational (think T.V., air conditioning, refrigerator . . . let alone the sump pumps!), you still don't have the most important component of all . . . the wi-fi.

Sorry I haven't been around this week. My wi-fi went out with the power. And my generator could not solve all of the world's problems.

Just most of them.



  1. I don't miss dealing with the power outages! Glad you made it through safe and sound.

  2. So glad your power is back on . . . I am certain Jack Bauer would have folded by hour 28. Welcome back to blogland. I was away all week too and enjoyed the break.

    Three cheers for generators.


  3. Oh, goodness--we were without cable and internet for 24 hours this week, and that was bad enough! At least we had electicity. . . just not cable. I shudder to think how we'd do without A/C. Ugh.

    Glad you're back!

  4. Power outages are BAD. We had an epic one in December 2007. We "shared" a generator with a neighbor. I had all my kids home and we were packing to go to Disneyworld (in the dark, cold of our house it sounded great) as well as my mother in law living with us since her house was too cold. That was one of our experiences that I'll NEVER forget. Since that time we have purchased our very own generator and it is the BEST THING EVER.

    Glad you survived yours intact. Here's hoping the rest of the summer and winter are power outage free!!!!!

  5. It doesn't sound
    like a long time,
    2 9
    is a long, long time
    without power.
    Glad you survived!
    xx Suzanne