Monday, June 6, 2011

A Whole Lotta Nothing

Alright, enough is enough. I've got the "Fabulous Friday Food" title staring at me, and I can't take it anymore. It just screams, "You haven't been blogging!!!" to me, and I can't take the guilt/pressure/feeling of worthlessness.

Isn't that sad?

So I'm posting right now just to get that "Friday" off of the top of the page.

Yes, sad indeed.

I don't have that much to tell you, so I'll just tell you about our weekend. Which was the first "real" summer weekend we've had around here since, well, last summer. Seriously, Memorial Day weekend was so cold and foggy and rainy that it seemed like March.

But last weekend. Now THAT was some weekend. God really outdid Himself, I gotta say. Thank you, God!! I needed a little summer in my life.

Have I mentioned that I live in Mayberry? I've actually driven through the original Mayberry, North Carolina, and let me just tell you that where I live is even more Mayberry than the actual Mayberry.

Let me explain.

Friday started out great because around 5:00, my friend, Rebecca, who lives down the street called to say she had just made sangria and would I like to come have a glass with her? Folks, I was out the door before we hung up the phone! What a great way to start the weekend. Do you think Aunt Bee drank sangria with her friends?

Also, this past weekend was a huge festival in our town. Huge. With ferris wheels and food tents and music. So on Friday night, which is also Classic Car Night, we decided to walk downtown for the festivities. And for the ice cream. (My friend, Ann, owns an ice cream shop that I GUARANTEE is cuter than any ice cream shop Opie Taylor ever visited.)

All five of us were home, so we all walked downtown together. I don't think that has happened in a couple of years, so it was great. We ate ice cream, strolled through the car show, and bumped into, I think, about a hundred various friends and neighbors.


I love where I live. (In the summer.)

On Saturday we went to my favorite French Market . . . oh, the joy. And Julia had a piano recital at a nursing home here in town. So sweet! Half of the audience was sleeping by the time she played her pieces, but they clapped anyway. Best of all was Saturday night when we had an impromptu porch party with a few friends we hadn't seen in a while. I think impromptu parties are the best kind of party because they are so unexpected and everyone feels so happy that it worked out the way it did. Awesome time with friends.

Sunday was filled with church, brunch, and graduation parties. Or so I thought. We went to one party--Amy's daughter, very special--and then to the second.

And here is where my weekend goes slightly awry.

We drove up to the house and all was quiet. Very strange considering they were having a graduation party. No cars on the street, no kids playing games in the yard. Nothing. There was no way I was going to ring the doorbell, so I told B to just head home. When we got home, I checked the invitation.

The party was Saturday.

Soooooo, on to one other exciting bit of my weekend. Apparently the older folks in Mayberry don't like it when you stop at a crosswalk. For real.

Sunday morning after church we headed to our favorite little breakfast joint. B and I took separate cars because he had to be at church early, and I came later with the girls. So I had the girls and a friend of ours in the car with me--five women all together. B, bless his heart, was all alone in his car. The girls and I were chatting away as we girls do, laughing maybe as well. When all of a sudden, as I was stopping at a stop sign, an old lady and her husband practically walked right in front of my car.

I might not have seen them because I might have been glancing over my shoulder at the girls. (We were laughing after all.)

I might have put on my brakes a little too fast. (But I DID stop behind the line.)

I might have laughed a little harder and louder when I realized that I almost hit the old lady in the red t-shirt and her husband who were shuffling across the street in front of me. (I kind of have that nervous-laugh reaction when I almost hit somebody.)

The red-t-shirt lady decided at that moment that she should go all Sheriff Andy on me. First she gave me the "what the heck?" look. I can totally give her that. I'd do the same thing. But then she just kind of stood there, in the middle of the intersection, in front of my car, lecturing me! Presumably about my driving. Or maybe she was complaining about the long wait at the breakfast place. I'll never know because my windows were rolled up, firmly, and there was no way I was going to roll them down to hear what she was shouting at me.

Besides, we were all laughing too hard to hear anything anyway.

So I drove down the street to park the car, and we all started walking toward the restaurant. Who starts walking BACK across the street? Oh yes, red-t-shirt lady. And who then proceeds to march into the very same restaurant we were going to? You got it!

Needless to say, I waited outside for our table to be ready. But when we finally got seated, who was sitting RIGHT behind me?

Oh yeah. Red-t-shirt lady.

Is that what they call karma? Or just bad luck?

I call it just another weekend in Mayberry.



  1. Blogging tip of the day: If you leave your "Friday" post up long enough, eventually it will be Friday again.

    Come join me in the land of the free!!!

  2. I love our little Mayberry. And your whole lotta nuthin' is my kinda life!

  3. It is an exceptional place to live.

  4. Omygosh, NO WAY. She was NOT. That's hilarious.

  5. I might have to challenge you on the whole Mayberry thing. I think my town will out mayberry your Wheaton.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and a delightful place to live! I must visit sometime!

    We went to an anniversary party one time the week before it actually occurred. And we DID knock on the door! And the folks inside who were "hosting" the party were all in their pjs with bad colds. We felt terrible! But we'll never forget it!

  7. So you've been to Mt. Airy, have you? Sounds like your town is a great place to live--in the summer. I just LOVE the northern Midwest in the summer! And in the autumn! But you can keep the winter.

    FYI, Aunt Bee certainly did not drink Sangria with her friends. She did once drink quite a bit of Elixir, remember? The episode was called "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man." The elixir made her feel better than she'd ever felt since she'd been baptized. :)

    Wish I could come visit you! I'd love to spend some summer days in your Mayberry!

  8. Richella, believe it or not, we saw that episode in the past year! We turned were just flipping the channels one night and came across that one. I had never seen it, but I loved it! So funny!

  9. Oh yes, our town is DEFINITELY Mayberry. You almost made me miss living there with your descriptions of the French Market and the Ferris wheel. Such good memories!

  10. Love your newsy bits.

    A little mayberry trivia ~ did you know that the town drunk became the famous John Avery Whittaker (Whit) from the Odyssey series of Focus on the Family?