Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Blessings

Source: via Shelly on Pinterest

Happy 4th of July, my friends!

Isn't today the perfect day to be somewhere like this?

Perhaps indulging in a slice of this?

Or how about sitting on this front porch . . .

. . . enjoying a little bit of this?


We are going to enjoy some family time today, and I thought this would be a good way to not only share with you what the 4th of July looks like around here, but also to count my blessings in the process.

Today I'm grateful for . . .

181. Patriotic music played before church.

182. Friends gathered around our table (twice this weekend!).

183. Girls marching in a parade.

184. Firetrucks blaring their sirens.

185. The cutest dog EVER, howling in reply.

186. Neighbors who throw a great party.

187. Seeing friends along the parade route.

188. Fireworks lighting up the sky.

189. Hot dogs and brats sizzling on the grill.

190. Fresh, sweet watermelon bites.

191. Every single person who has sacrificed to make this day what it is. Thank you.

Have a great 4th!

So tell me, what are YOU doing today?

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  1. Happy day to you as well! My celebration comes later this week when my two sons return home for a couple of days... then there will be homemade ice cream and my famous "watermellon" cookies.

  2. I dropped by here from Ann's because I liked the profile of the flag. This was a beautiful post. You asked what I am doing today...I am a neonatal intensive care unit nurse and I will be working 3 p - 11 p. The nice thing, however, is that the NICU windows face the river of our city so I will be able to see the fireworks from where I am working (if I'm not too busy!!!!)

    Blessings this Independence Day,

  3. Oh, my... I love your photos. The cake is amazing! Your list is so uplifting...

  4. Have fun with those boys, Hillcrest! That will be wonderful!

    dsblanchard, I love you! NICU nurses hold a special place in our hearts. Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks, Stephanie! Great to see you!

  5. You may know what I'm doing today. Just want to tell you that I LOVE the pictures you've chosen.