Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday: New

Wow, I haven't played Five Minute Friday in a long time! I've kind of missed it.

And today, because my life has suddenly spun out of control, five minutes is about all I can give.

I love Lisa-Jo's word for this week--"New"--because it really seems to fit my life right now. So, without further waste of words, here I go.



New job.

New office.

New clothes. (Of the teacher variety.)

New schedule.

New rhythm to my days.

New learning-how-to-do-this.

New students.

New technology.

New adjustments for my family.

New dinnertime routines. (One less person at our table.)

New friends.

New colleagues.

New lesson plans.

New thinking.

Everything feels new to me right now. I am a bit like a newborn foal, legs splaying in all directions, trying to figure out how to walk, even run, at this new pace. My head feels foggy, spinning, discombobulated from all I'm learning right now.

It's all new, but it's also all good. Because what hasn't changed is so much stronger, so much greater, so much bigger than what has.


So can you tell what's been on my mind this week? *sheepish grin*

If you want to read more "New" posts, head on over to The Gypsy Mama. She's got about a hundred links or more for your reading pleasure.

Now tell me . . . what's NEW in your life?



  1. (Here from the gypsy mama) LOVE this! I have such a great appreciation and admiration for teachers in general. I think they do a really tough job. I admit I'm biased because my sister is a teacher (and a good one, at that). But it doesn't make my sentiments any different. I have faith that God will lead you where he wants to go, and pretty soon "new" won't feel so new anymore. You'll quickly settle in your new and wonderful routine.

  2. Love it! I love getting back into a NEW routine!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  3. I love newness too! Although, it is easy to get overwelmed. So praying you take it all in stride and it doesn't get you too stressed!

  4. So much transition . . . glad it is all good . . . and that you got new clothes.


  5. omg thank goodness you stopped by so i could get back here and attempt to get caught up.

    i totally get it. i'm still in that pulled in many different directions mode so BRAVO and really excited for you.