Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Reads

I've been collecting blog posts to share with you for a while now. I guess today's the day.

Let's start with food, shall we? I made my own version of Frito Pie a few weeks ago, but leave it to the Pioneer Woman to one-up me. Who ever thought of serving it in an actual Frito bag?? Too cute.

Ever fight with your husband (or wife)? No? Let me first say I'm amazed, but let me also say you don't know what you're missing. (Just kidding.) This post was an interesting and really thought-provoking take on how to have a good fight.

Pumpkin coffee cake? Yes, please!

Ohmygoodness, I love Emily's posts. Here she just dares you to say YES.

I haven't seen the Courageous movie yet, but reading Kristen's post really makes me want to see it. And soon.

There. That should keep you reading through the weekend. I'll be yucking it up this weekend with about 85 junior highers--Fall Retreat, WOOT! It's probably my last Fall Retreat (out of six), and I've never been on the rope bridge. Not sure that's going to change, but even if it doesn't I'm sure that Monday will bring the inevitable "I'm-too-old-for-this" post. Stay tuned.

[Edited to add: Guess what! The retreat didn't happen for me. I have bronchitis, so I'm laying around doing not much of anything. I guess God didn't want me on that rope bridge after all.]

I'm so excited for next week (how often do I say that? Like never?)! Ann Voskamp is speaking in chapel next Wednesday, and not only am I definitely going to THAT chapel service, Glenda is coming out to see her/me. And then she will visit my class. *gulp* And then we will eat in the dining hall. Thrilling, I know. But it makes me excited. Full report to follow, I'm sure.

So tell me, if you're not hanging out with junior high kids this weekend, what WILL you be doing?



  1. Well, I'll be hanging out with MY junior high kid.

  2. I'll be hanging out with MY junior high kid too. Sounds like a recurring theme doesn't it?

  3. Headed to Edward's Apple Orchard with the fam...the whole fam. It's a yearly tradition that started when my mom was young. Then the block party on sunday. I may just have to attend chapel on Wednesday (and sit in on a particular class afterward? :)?). Have fun on the rope bridge!