Friday, November 25, 2011

Simplifying Christmas with Magnet Street

Sadly, Thanksgiving is over. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving with all of its quiet, restful football-watching goodness.

I'm sad that it's over, partly, because I know what comes next.

Hurry. Rush. Party, party, party. Shop, shop, shop.

It's all a bit much.

I mean, I love Christmas--where on earth would we be without the Incarnation? I love the true meaning of Christmas.

But we've gotten so far away from that, haven't we? All the busy-ness and rushing around just makes me crazy, so I'm always looking for ways to simplify the season.

I've tried the not-sending-any-Christmas-cards-this-year way of simplifying things, and that works for a year or two, but after a while the pile of cards we receive starts to dwindle and I'm pretty sure our friends have forgotten all about us. That's the boat I'm sitting in right now.

So cards are definitely going out this year if it kills me. And it just might (kill me!) if getting all five of us together to have our picture taken is any indication of just how much of a pain-in-the-you-know-what the Christmas card endeavors are going to be this year. I tried for weeks to get us all in the same place at the same time, and, after several texts and lots of pleading, possibly even some groveling, we finally found 30 minutes last Saturday to be in the same place at the same time. Let's just say it did not go well. You'd have thought I had lined all five of us up for a root canal!

Hopefully your family will be a little more cooperative than mine was (although we did manage to get one good photo out of about 75 tries). I can't get your family together, or sitting quietly and smiling like they actually WANT to be there, but I CAN help in the area of getting the card you want at a great price.

Enter Magnet Street. I've told you about them. A great company run by great people with great values. Truly, I love this place.

This year, Magnet Street has some beautiful Christmas cards to choose from. Check these out.

Photo cards.

Folded cards. I love this classic style.

Folded cards come in 4x6 or 5x7 sizes. Isn't this one pretty?

Even some fun and funky styles like this one which reminds me of my niece, Kira, for some reason. 

Want to simplify your Christmas season? All you have to do is go to the Magnet Street website and click "Christmas Cards" under their "Life Moments" tab and get designing.

Here's how ours turned out. I have to say, I absolutely love it, except, of course, for my most unfortunate choice of sweater that makes me look like I'm about nine months pregnant. Will I ever learn to look in a mirror before I leave the house? Probably not.

The best thing about using Magnet Street for your Christmas cards is that they are completely personalized. Want your card to be red instead of green? No problem--you can easily change the color settings. Want a different font? You can change that too (I did!). Every inch of your card can be customized to fit your needs. You can even leave a note for their designers with your order.

When you're finished, you can share your design on Twitter or Facebook. Cool, huh?

Now, here's the best part. Magnet Street is offering my readers 25% off your entire Christmas card order. All you have to do is enter the promo code EFF97DBZE5 at check out. (Just copy and paste that one--it's a little hard to remember.) 

But wait! There's more! I told you Magnet Street is a great company run by great people, right? This year, for every order that is placed with the promo code above, Magnet Street will donate one meal to a hungry child through Feed My Starving Children, an amazing organization that sends ready-made meals to malnourished children overseas. And not only will they be sending money to Feed My Starving Children, they will be sending their people to go pack up the meals that will be shipped overseas. 

So there you go. Saving money AND saving children at the same time. Seriously, I can't think of anything better.

So, if you haven't done it yet, go order your Christmas cards from Magnet Street. And if you haven't taken your family photo yet, well, all I can do is say a prayer for you because I know that might be the most difficult thing you do in the next month.

So tell me, how was your Christmas photo-taking experience?

Disclaimer: Magnet Street has kindly offered me cards in return for this blog post. The cards are cool. The post? All my own. 



  1. I've had a lot of friends, including one roommate, that worked for Magnet Street. It's a small world for you and I, once again. Because of the craziness of this year, I'm sending out a Christmas letter instead of a card or photo card. I'm sure your family picture turned out great!

  2. We sent out cards last year. The picture turned out really dark and both my girls were less than thrilled with how they looked. Momma thought they looked gorgeous but they said i always say that :) Anyway not sure what we're doing this year. I am hoping to try again with a more successful final photo. Yours looks great :)

  3. We did a photo session in Oct. w/ Adam Pratt since our last nice family pic was 2 yrs old and missing our youngest child(and I'm not counting the church pic which took a whole year to get published-ridiculous). I highly recommend him! He does a much better job getting the kids to smile than a stressed mom does. Our Christmas card will be from that... I have learned not to save getting a pic for the month of Dec.

  4. Leigh, our worlds have collided a few times, haven't they? ;)

    Mari--how wonderful to see you!!! Keep trying with those girls.

    Mrs. W. -- I'll have to keep him in mind. (And I completely agree about those church directories. What on earth??!!)

  5. I'm planning to send them this year~no family pics though. But, thanks for sharing this link.
    I'm learning to slow & savor it all Shelly. Guess it is coming with age. :)