Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Challenge - Day 10


The one with the sweet little face that still looks like a baby when she sleeps but reminds me almost daily that in almost two short months she will be 14 . . . and able to wear makeup (because that's a family ritual that I don't have time to tell you about now, but if you remind me nicely I'll tell you later).

This girl.

The one who was in her school play this week and who might have felt like, as an 8th grader, a school play is becoming just a wee bit juvenile for her but didn't complain . . . too much; she just learned her lines and executed them in the way that only she could.

My youngest.

The one who gave me fits and made me lose my voice a time or two when she was younger but who has blossomed into just about the sweetest girl God ever made.

The one who makes me proud.

The one who makes me happy.

The one who makes me thankful.



  1. I KNOW you're thankful for her! Yes, ma'am, I do. There's something awfully special about that youngest one, isn't there? :)

  2. There truly is something special and different about the youngest one. How could we both be so blessed with our three beautiful children?
    I can just imagine Miss Julia in the play!

  3. what a doll! she'd be at the top of my gratitude list too...
    I call my youngest butterbain:: because everything, especially family life, is better with butter!