Sunday, November 13, 2011

What is Hope?

I can’t go.

Compassion does not know me; I’m just another blogger in a vast sea of bloggers to them.

And yet, something in my heart wants to do what they are doing. To touch lives, physically; to give hope to the hopeless.

I read their stories—Sophie’s and Ann’s—about a boy abandoned, Jonathan, and they make me cry here in my comfortable home with people all around me who love me. I realize, reading about life in Equador, that it isn’t even so much about the daily needs—the rice, the bread, the food. It’s about hope.

How can one boy have hope alone? I wonder as I read his story. How can he survive? Abandoned. Alone. Ashamed.

And that’s when I know that hope does not come from food or shelter or even the love of family. True hope comes from this Bread of Life, the word we can chew on, the promises that are new every morning.

All he has is hope that is living, active, sharp. And he holds onto it for dear life.

Compassion Bloggers visit Ecuador

Are you?

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in His word I hope. Psalm 130:5

Compassion International is helping provide hope for kids all over the world. Would you consider joining them as they bring true Hope--the Word of God--to children? Just $38 a month will do it. 
Click here to sponsor a child.


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