Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Great Big Buffalo Plaid Debate

Oh this blog. So random. It moves from the sublime to the ridiculous in a matter of 24 hours.

But I am quite serious about this, and I need your help. What are your thoughts on buffalo plaid?

Because in our house there's a debate raging, and it ain't pretty. See, there's a certain not-so-young man who owns a certain pair of pajama pants that may have been given to him by a certain mother in a year that I'm fairly certain was, oh, 20 years ago or so. These pajama pants are so thick that I am also certain that this certain not-so-young man could survive a night in 85 degrees below zero weather IN AN IGLOO and come out the next morning still toasty warm.

The buffalo plaid. It is good for so many things.

 Like bedding.

Source: via Shelly on Pinterest

Or luggage.

Or shirts.

Source: via AJ on Pinterest

Especially shirts. 

Source: via Shelly on Pinterest

(Excuse me. That was entirely uncalled for.)

But pajama pants? Notsomuch.

Whenever he wears them I end up having the Lumberjack song floating through my head all night long:

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay.  
I sleep all night and I work all day.

And to be honest, I resent that.

But Mr. Lumberjack thinks the buffalo plaid is perfectly acceptable evening attire. I suppose he's comparing what he wears to bed to what I wear to bed and, yes, on some nights, even the lumberjack pants win.

But the song. The song! Well, the song AND the pants. They plague me.

I've tried hinting.  I've tried cajoling. I've even tried getting the girls on my side. But nothing works.

Then this week, Mr. Lumberjack sent me an email with this headline from GQ magazine.

(Apparently lumberjacks read Gentlemen's Quarterly--who knew?!)

Well, that settles it. If the buffalo plaid is good enough for GQ, it's good enough for me. I suddenly know what to get my husband for Christmas.

So tell me, what do YOU think of the buffalo plaid? Is this the next great fashion statement? Or should we send it packing to the Great Northwoods?



  1. I'm not sure if I like it all! Haha


    'Nuff said

  3. Maybe it is time to rewrite the words to that song . . . :-)


  4. This post made me laugh. I am all about being frivolous one minute and earnest the next. So I get it. I think all women have an article of clothing (or five) of their husband's that they fantasize about burning :).

  5. Glad you took it in the spirit it was intended, Erin. It's funny, I usually like the way my husband dresses (he's a good looking guy!), but I guess I've kinda had it with the huge red-checked sleeping pants!! :)

  6. Shelly, this is hilarious! I guess you're going to have to go with it as it doesn't sound like the pants are going away! My husband and I disagree on some of his clothing, as well, and it does me no good to complain, so I sympathize. Anyway, it's pretty impressive they've held up 20 years or so!

  7. Hah! In my house, the plaid pants would be kidnapped by a mysterious monkey - who would leave his hat behind (!

  8. I LOVE buffalo plaid. LOVE IT. But I'm having a bit of trouble picturing it as pants. Hmmm.

    Every year on Christmas Eve, I give my fellows a new pair of Christmas jammies. Maybe you should start that tradition this year. You think?

  9. :) Amusing. I would argue that buffalo plaid suits inanimate objects best. Unless on people under a certain, undetermined age and then it seems to look just fine (ex. photo ;) ) - my 13 yr old looks adorable in these checks. I do not. I bought my husband 2 pairs of PJ's last year because I could no longer bear the worn, faded flannels from Target (?) purchased in a year that does NOT belong with the number 2. He still drags the old ones out occasionally (I need to "lose" them) but we are gradually closing the double standard gap of "wife should wear cute pajamas to appeal to her husband but Hub can wear old stuff and ?wife should be interested? ". :)

  10. I am not crazy about this plaid, the lumberjack thought always comes to mind.

    What if you get him pajamas that you like as a gift!?

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