Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giving Thanks for Evolution

Tonight I gave thanks for evolution.

Does that sound strange to you? Heretical? Anti-Christian?

I’ll admit, it sounds a little strange to me, but not anti-Christian. Not by a long shot. Because today God used the theory of evolution to speak to my daughter.

See, my kids are in public school. They hear this stuff. I don’t worry about it because I know that God is bigger than the theory of evolution.

He’s also bigger than the war in the Middle East and the caucuses in Iowa, just in case you tend to get scared about that kind of thing.

But I digress. . . .

Tonight, God proved that He can tackle evolution no problem. Like flicking a gnat off of His shoulder, that’s the whole evolution thing to Him. NBD.

My eighth grader told us at dinner tonight that her science teacher showed a movie in class about the Big Bang theory. I got all up in my righteous indignation and said, “Oh, and did they give equal time to the Creation account?” knowing full well that the answer would be a shrug of the shoulders and a “No.”

Which she did, both.

But to her credit, she also kind of rolled her eyes when she described her teacher introducing the movie: “This is my FAVORITE movie of the whole year! And it’s narrated by MORGAN FREEMAN!”


Like I said, I don’t worry about that stuff—we have the Truth (but I will admit that it makes me cringe that her school does not give equal time to the Creation account).

Again, whatever. They never claimed to be a Christian public school.

Anyway, back to why I gave thanks for evolution tonight. As I was praying with Julia before bed I asked her how God had shown Himself to her today. (We’re kind of on the lookout these days.) She immediately went back to her science lesson and the movie they saw in class. She said that at first the movie kind of made sense to her—she was willing to concede a couple of points because she’s a good thinker, that one, and able to look at all sides of an issue.

But as the movie went on, it mentioned something about all living creatures being made from a mutation of one cell, and Julia said, “It was like God showed me that there was no way that could have happened. I mean, how could one cell make both tadpoles and tigers? It just didn’t make sense to me.”

We talked about God as the Creator, how it just makes so much more sense to us that, as a creative and loving God, He would create tadpoles and tigers out of different cells, not one.

And then it hit me—the theory of evolution, as it was presented in her class today, only served to draw Julia closer to her Creator-God, not farther away.

Amazing, isn’t it, that God can take something that most of us see as evil and use it for good? He does that sometimes.

And for that, I gave thanks for evolution.

Your thoughts? Am I off my rocker with this one? Or have you seen God use the unexpected to draw your kids closer to Him?



  1. My kids go to a
    Christian school,
    but they have
    introduced evolution
    as well as creation
    theory. Both kids
    question everything,
    as they should. Love
    your daughter's

    xx Suzanne

  2. Love this post! Thank you for sharing and I love that He uses the THEORY of evolution to remind us of His greatness! Tadpoles and tigers from the same cell.... really?!?

    KB :)

  3. Great post. And how wonderful that your daughter really thought about it. I think that it takes more blind faith to believe tadpoles and tigers can come from the same single cell as it does to believe that God, in his mysterious and all-knowing way, created the world in all its intricacy.

  4. I gotta say, I agree, Lorrie, that it takes more faith to believe in some evolutionary concepts than it does creation. It's all a mystery that will someday be revealed.

    Thanks for your comments, everyone!

  5. Ellen was so excited about your post today that she texted me from school to read it (why she is reading your blog at school is a very good question!). Great post--our kids need to be exposed to the theory of evolution because at least portions of it are undoubtedly true. God created a world which will continually evolve under His sovereign guidance. I think the most important thing for our children to learn is humility, because none of us will ever know how God created the world (at least this side of eternity).

  6. I love that, Jen! And I love your kid, too! Reading my blog in class . . . HA!

  7. God is just so cool ... how he cares for us and our kids.


    ps. Julia is cool, too.

  8. I think the most important thing I can do for my kids is to help them understand how much God loves them and how to be able to access that love on a daily basis. That's the thing that keeps our kids straight in a world that increasingly does not support Christian ideals and concepts. How can a God-less evolution compete with a loving Creator who still intensely cares for his children? Interesting post, Shelley!

  9. I love you too Shelly! Great blog post! See you in March!

  10. This is awesome! God always took the unexpected things to draw my kids closer to him. Seems this mom wanted to plan those special growing moments, but God had other plans. I love how God can be seen in everything!

  11. Wow! Thanks, everyone, for the comments. God IS cool, isn't He?